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Beer Spotlight: Red Chair IPA


Red Chair IPA

Beer: Red Chair IPA
Brewery: Deschutes Brewery
Style: American India Pale Ale
Suggested Glassware: Pint Glass

The Red Chair IPA is named after the oldest operating ski lift at Mt. Bachelor. I don’t know if that is supposed to be inspiring because it is still around or terrifying that it may fall apart at any moment. Nonetheless this addition to the Bond Street Series of Deschutes beers uses seven varieties of malt to obtain “a plush body with satiny caramel favors” and tones down the hop bitterness letting the malt come through. See the full post »

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NBC San Diego: Stone Brewing vs. Karl Strauss = Two Breweries Enter, One Brewery Leave


NBC San Diego has staged and epic showdown between Stone Brewing Co. and Karl Strauss Brewing Company as to which brewery is San Diego’s favorite, Karl Strauss at 50% and Stone at 49.9%, and .1% lost somewhere in the universe.

Let’s go to the voters’ comments, and in fairness, we’ll take the most recent comments for both breweries: See the full post »

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Magic Hat Brewing Co. Launches Twitter-fueled “Virtual Libations” Tomorrow


Magic Hat Brewing Co. out of Vermont is launching its own Twitter Taste Live of sorts tomorrow called “Virtual Libations”. Sporting a very cool logo, the tasting format allows tasters all over the universe to taste along with Magic Hat head brewer Matt Cohen and share their thoughts in real time to be posted on the Magic Hat website. See the full post »

5 comments 06.29.2009 |

P. Diddy to Start Selling Guinness and Red Stripe???


AdAge.com reported that P. Diddy is in talks with Diageo to promote its Guinness and Red Stripe brands. The announcement drew 3 comments by readers, all sharing the same perspective:

1) Oh boy! I can’t wait! Psych.
2) I am speechless. Just a terrible idea.
3) Why does anyone pay attention to this self-absorbed phony? See the full post »

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Oregon Beer Tax = EPIC FAIL…Oregon Beer = EPIC SUCCESS…Mutineer Magazine = EPICALLY EPIC


That’s right people, the big bad beer tax that was proposed in Oregon was shot down like the terrible idea it was. When I caught wind of this, first I was pissed, then I was confused, then I wasn’t confused, then I was pissed again. Basically a group of Oregon politicians led by Democrat, John Krasinski look-alike, Ben Cannon from Oregon’s 46th District looked to shoot the Oregon beer industry in the face with ridiculously high taxes, I guess to try and make up for other budget shortcomings. TERRIBLE IDEA. If an industry is thriving, don’t destroy it with high taxes. I may be biased, but I’m fair, so if you’re unfamiliar with the issue, check out this article interviewing Gary Fish of Deschutes Brewery and a Rep. Cannon staff member that we ran as the Final Word in the April/May issue of Mutineer Magazine and also on the blog while this was still an undecided issue.

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Sam Adams Longshot Homebrew Finalists Announced


Every year the Boston Beer Company holds their Sam Adams Longshot American Homebrew Competition. Homebrewers from across the country send in sample bottles of their homebrew to be judged for a shot at commercial production by The Boston Beer Company. The four finalist beers are taken to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO for final judging. Once the judging is complete, the winner’s beer will be added to the Longshot Variety Pack. This includes two homebrew winners and a third winner of the Samuel Adams employee homebrew contest. See the full post »

3 comments 06.22.2009 |

Anheuser Busch Flirts With Releasing Entire Lineup of 55 Calorie Beers


Miller’s 64 calorie beer, MGD64, has turned out to be a commercial success, so like movies about mall cops, Anheuser-Busch is entering the calorie labeled beer world as well with, wait for it, Budweiser Select 55, which should hit shelves later this year in select markets. See the full post »

6 comments 06.20.2009 |

Almost Breaking News: Beer Truck Flips in Chicago


Miller Lite Semi Truck Crash

This morning a truck full of Miller Beer pulled an epic fail on the Tri-State Tollway outside of Chicago. This would be a tragedy if someone got hurt, but no one did, so it’s just plain f*cking hilarious. Not much else to say here, I assumed Shia Labeouf was driving, but he wasn’t, so we’re left with: truck full of beer is driving. Truck full of beer drives through the guardrail. Truck full of beer does barrel-rolls ala Talladega Nights and now beer is all over the place. Booya. See the full post »

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