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Guinness Is Sending People To Black Places for “Remarkable Experiences”


Virgin Galactic

The Guinness 250 year anniversary contest is awesome. Three prizes: a trip to space with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic (remember the cola wars?), a ride in a deep sea submarine with a luxury bar, and an exclusive concert/meet and greet with Black Eyed Peas. I don’t know if the Black Eyed Peas can compete with a trip to space, that seems a little off. They should have the Black Eyed Peas perform in space…You can enter the contest on the Guinness website Did you know that the first case of Guinness didn’t arrive in New York until 1840? History is great.

Via Telegraph – Guinness offers drinkers chance to win space flight

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The Happening: Stone Brewing Company Sour Fest


Beers from Stone's Sour Fest Sour beer’s popularity has soared over the last few years, and many American craft brewers have begun brewing this tart style of beer. In celebration of this unique beverage, Stone Brewing Company has held a Sour Fest for the last three years, most recently this past Sunday, July 19th.

Bill Sysak, the new Beverage Coordinator for Stone, was in charge and really stepped it up by bringing 53 different sours on draft and 38 bottles from the U.S., Belgium and Italy, making it the largest sour beer festival in the world. I asked Sysak about his approach to the festival and things in general at the brewery, “When Greg (Koch) and Steve (Wagner) hired me at Stone, they knew I would make everything at the Bistro bigger, better and more extreme. You haven’t seen anything yet.See the full post »

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The Happening: New York Craft Beer Week


Hey all you New York Mutineers, the New York Craft Beer Week is coming up on September 11 to 20. Last year’s inaugural event drew 15,000 thirsty beer drinkers and included 52 of New York’s finest pubs and restaurants. The event will benefit Just Food. You’ll be able to buy your New York Craft Beer Week passports beginning in August, which will also qualify you for discounts throughout the twelve months following the event. See the full post »

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Bud Light, not only drinkability. Pornability


The Beer Porn Epic Cometh. Clocking in at a lengthy two minutes and twelve seconds this feels like the Dune of commercials.

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Home Brewers Speak Up…My Mind Is Blown


Did you see the video the craft brewers made to clearly state what they, as a community and industry of artisans and professionals, are all about? Well, now it’s the home brewers’ turn, and they have created a video response that is just as soul rattling as the craft brewers’ version. Bravo.

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Flying Fish Brewing Company Angers MADD and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority


Starting this week, the Flying Fish Brewing Company’s second beer in their Exit Sign Series is due to hit shelves and bars. These beers are named after the exits that are near the Cherry Hill, NJ home of the brewery. The first in the series, Exit 4, is a Belgian style ale and the next will be an American Wheat Ale called Exit 11.

The New Jersey Turnpike and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are up in arms about founder of Flying Fish Gene Muller naming beer after roadways. Mindy Lazar of the New Jersey chapter of MADD stated, “The combination of a roadway and advertising for any kind of a beer doesn’t make any kind of sense, this is almost a mockery.” Undoubtedly drunk driving is a serious topic and should never be taken lightly, but does naming a beer after a roadway really deserve such concern? See the full post »

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The Happening: Los Angeles Beer Float Showdown


The LA Beer Float Showdown will be at the Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood, California on July 26. The Golden State Café and BottleRock LA are squaring off to give Los Angeles a taste of how beer can be used in this special desert pairing. The Golden State Café began serving North Coast Brewing Company’s Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout with Scoops ice cream and was soon followed by BottleRock combining Brewery Ommegang’s Ommegang Rouge with Milk ice cream. See the full post »

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Brock Lesnar Unleashes Fine Beverage Rage at UFC 100, Soon Apologizes to Bud Light


That’s a Coors Light, because Bud Light won’t pay me nothing.

Those are the words of Brock Lesnar after he knocked Frank Mir into another dimension at UFC 100 on Saturday night. So why call out Bud Light? Cause they won’t pay you, for whatever it is you think they should pay you for. Lesnar’s reasoning? “I was so jacked up (because) I’m used to selling pay-per-view tickets”, according to USA Today.

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