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Old Barackee: Easing Racial Tensions One Beer At A Time


In the continuing saga of insanely funny things spawned in the mind of Bill Maher, here is one of the most unique craft beers this country has ever seen. If they only would have been serving this at the pub in Trainspotting Begbie wouldn’t have thrown his empty beer mug over the railing and started one of the most brutal bar fights in movie history.

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The Happening: The Great Divide Seasonal Release Party


Great Divide Brewing Co. sign Colorado is host to many great craft breweries, and the Great Divide is one of them. Located in Denver, the Great Divide is just a short and free bus ride from the Colorado Convention Center, where the Great American Beer Festival has been held for the last nine years. The Great Divide has eight year-round brews and fourteen seasonal.

This Friday, August 14th, the brewery is releasing the last two seasonal beers of 2009. Hoss, a Marzen style lager with the addition of rye in the recipe, and Tripel, a classic Belgian style strong ale. The release party is from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M., and for just fifteen dollars it’s snacks and all the Hoss and Tripel you can drink…better check that bus schedule. For more information goto GreatDivide.com.

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The Lego Beer Song Spectacular


Well here at Mutineer we are into Legos and we are into beer. Rarely do these two things come together but Rohschinken (YouTube handle) and his brother have melded these two seemingly unmeldable components together in the form of an epic stop motion lego beer spectacular.

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Molecular Trap To Keep Beer Fresh


Beer Bottles

Beer stored in bottles and exposed to ultraviolet light gets that undesirable “skunky” smell. Even dark brown bottles, which are considered the best, will still allow some light to penetrate and foul the beer. In a effort to combat this horrible atrocity, scientists from the Technical University of Dortmund have created a polymer that removes the molecules from the beer that cause oxidation. As reported by the BBC News, Molecular trap makes fresher beer: “The process involves chemically designing a riboflavin-shaped cavity into a polymer by moulding it around riboflavin molecules and then removing them.” This technology could eventually be used to remove impurities from other beverages and food such as unwanted flavors and pesticides.

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Beer Summit: President Obama Cools Tempers With Cool Beers

Beer Summit

AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

To try and calm racial tensions stemming from the arrest of African-American professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley earlier this month, President Obama threw a good old fashioned beer drinking session at the White House yesterday.

Lets take a look at the beverage of choice for each of these men and see what we can glean from what they drink.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Beer: Red Stripe
Brewery: Desnoes & Geddes Limited
ABV: 4.7%
A Jamaican lager with a distinctive stubby brown bottle. Red Stripe conveys a “Let’s all just relax mon” state of mind. See the full post »

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Muslim Model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno Drinks Beer In Malaysia and Get Flogged


Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno

In a raid last year at a Malaysian nightclub, part-time Muslim model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was caught drinking a beer. The consumption of alcohol is a punishable offense in Malaysia for Muslims, though usually the punishment is a fine. After pleading guilty, Shukarno was sentenced to six lashes from a Malaysian court. The lashings are carried out by whipping the exposed seat of the offender with a four foot rattan stick that has been soaked in water.

Does this seem like a reasonable punishment for such an offense?

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10 Age Verification Screens


Absolut Age Verification Screen

Age verification pages on websites are insane to me. They are the equivalent to a blind, deaf, paralyzed old woman working the door of a nightclub. They baffle me. It’s the ultimate example of going through the motions…Obviously the alcohol companies don’t have much of a choice in the matter, so you can’t fault them. Here are ten age verification screens for your viewing pleasure. See the full post »

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Beer + Icebergs + Seaweed = Okhotsk Blue Draft


Okhotsk Blue Draft

Okhotsk Blue Draft is made from melted icebergs and colored using seaweed. So cool.

Via Geekologie – Blue Beer From Melted Icebergs, Seaweed

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