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The Bruery Is Preparing To Release The 19.5% Black Tuesday Beer


black tuesday

Reminiscent of that dark, gloomy day in October 1929 that shook the world twice over, Black Tuesday, the beer, is causing widespread panic of its own. The beer that has been talked about for months is nearing reality as it is prepared to be released the final Tuesday of October. As was the Black Tuesday of 1929, this sucker is mean and it means business at a mind blowing 19.5% alcohol by volume. A beer so volatile, the only way to keep the general population safe at night was to confine it to bourbon barrels and hide them in a dark room to rest for over a year before being unleashed on an unsuspecting world. See the full post »

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Life & Limb / Limb & Life: Sierra Nevada & Dogfish Head Join Forces


Life & Limb 24oz

A collaboration that people have been waiting on for years has finally become a reality. Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head have joined forces to release “Life & Limb”, which will be released in November in 24oz bottles as well as a super-limited draft only “Limb & Life”. See the full post »

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BeerGoggins’ Beer News – Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale


Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale

For a quick taste of newly released beers, check out the Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale from Stevens Point Brewery in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The brewery, which was founded in 1857, is the fifth-oldest privately owned brewery in the nation and the third-largest craft brewer in Wisconson.
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BeerGoggins’ Beer News – SABMiller Making Moves in Africa

BeerOther Beverage

SABMiller SABMiller, the international beer company who owns Miller Genuine Draft, Grolsch and other beer brands, got their very own Namibian brewing license and plans to open up shop in the area. While the company has already been importing beer into Namibia, the license will allow them to finally build a plant in the area.

The brewer also acquired a non-alcoholic maize drink called Maheu from Zambia, where they already own Zambian Breweries Group. Both moves seem to be strategic steps in the company’s desire to internationalize beer — and make it taste exactly the same across the globe. Boring! See the full post »

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BeerGoggins’ Beer News – Liberty Bowl Now Selling Beer


University of Memphis Tigers University of Memphis Tigers fans saw a first Sunday night when their alma mater took on number 8-ranked Ole Miss.  No, the Tigers didn’t manage an upset; in fact, they lost 45 to 14 at home.  But for the first time ever, the defeated devotees were able to drown their sorrows — in beer.

Sunday night’s game marked the first U of M home game that allowed beer sales at the Liberty Bowl.  While not everyone in attendance was thrilled about the development (some still think beer-drinking at a football game is naughty), the decision to go through with beer sales earned Memphis $114,576.

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Miracle Beer Diet


Beer, nutrition, science, physiology and a beautiful woman typically don’t steer you wrong…we’re not sure about this one though. Drink responsibly.

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Beer Bottle Dominoes


Beer Bottle Dominoes. Incredible

Not much to say here folks. It’s dominoes + beer bottles…FTW!

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No Muslims at Guinness 250th Birthday Black Eyed Peas Concert


Black Eyed Peas

Guinness is hosting some pretty epic parties to celebrate it’s 250th birthday, but things have turned awkward in Malaysia, where Muslims have been barred from attending one such celebration featuring the Black Eyed Peas.

According to Reuters, No Muslims at Malaysia Black Eyed Peas concert:

The move comes after a Malaysian Islamic court sentenced a 32-year Muslim woman to be caned after she was caught drinking beer in a hotel and at a time when an opposition Islamic party has moved against beer sales. See the full post »

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