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Fine Beverage Disaster: “Oh my gosh! Look at all the beer!”


As a follow up to yesterday’s fine beverage warehouse spectacular, I present to you some intense footage of Bud Light that has been spilled over an overpass and is narrated by the most un-psyched guy ever. “Oh my gosh…Bud Light. Oh my gosh, look at all of it.” The road under the overpass must’ve smelled like a frat house for weeks…

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Pabst Blue Ribbon For Sale


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Things are CRAZY in the world of fine beverage, because the mighty Pabst Blue Ribbon and its myriad of associated brands are available to buy for a mere $300 million.

According to the New York Post:

The company’s brands represent a virtual who’s who of beers, including Ballantine, Colt 45, Lone Star, Olympia Genuine Draft, Piels, Schaefer, Schmidt, and Stroh’s. It is also one of the few private independent brewers left in the nation. See the full post »

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Foothills Sexual Chocolate to be Released in February


Foothills Sexual Chocolate

Yesterday’s blog was about the monstrous Firestone 13, and today’s blog is of a beer of equal proportion that still has a few months to go, but information is just starting to come out surrounding it and we now officially have a date for its release. Foothills Sexual Chocolate, a recent Bronze Medal winner in the Imperial Stout/Porter category at the Great American Beer Festival, will be released at the Winston-Salem brewpub starting at 11am on February 6, 2010.

Specifics haven’t been released as to the price, limits or how many bottles will be released, but if last years release was any indication, we can expect it to sell out quickly and cost around $15 per bottle. Last year only 600 hand signed 22oz bottles were released with a limit of 4 bottles per person… and it was gone with the quickness. See the full post »

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Firestone Walker to release “13”


Firestone Walk 13 22oz

One of those highly anticipated annual releases is once again upon us as Firestone Walker prepares to release their anniversary beer “13”. Firestone Walker 13 will be available for the first time starting at noon on November 14th at the brewery in Paso Robles, CA.

Their anniversary series beers, which are sought after from people around the country, are a unique blend of barrel aged beers to include barley wines, imperial stouts and an imperial brown ale just to name a few. “13” has been aged in a combination of bourbon, rye, and wine barrels, in which many of the components spent over two years in them, and then blended with the help of Paso Robles area wine makers.

Only 1,000 cases of this beer were made and it isn’t expected to last long. Bottles of “13” will be on sale at the brewery for $21.99 plus tax with a 12 bottle limit per person.

Besides the brewery release, the anniversary beer will make it to select accounts in limited quantities throughout California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon in late November.

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Pull Your Own



I must be writing this from beyond the grave, because only heaven would have something as cool as this. Ever whined about not getting a full beer (the Shaker pint glass cheats you out of 2 oz.)? Ever felt like you had to gulp your pint because you weren’t sure when the bartender would come back? The TableTender ends all your beer drinking woes.

TableTap, LLC, a company based in Atlanta, Ga. has come up with a phenomenal new idea that puts the power of the pour into the consumer’s hands. With TableTender, you are seated at a table that actually has taps mounted on it. You pull the number of pints you want, and when it’s time to shut it down, you ask for the ticket. You are billed for each ounce that was poured. You drink at your own pace, only pull what you want (half-beers are legit), and never have to wait for a beer. See the full post »

Michelob ULTRA To Have Lance Armstrong Help Sell Beer


Lance Armstrong and Michelob ULTRA

Seven-time Tour-de-France winner, Lance Armstrong likes his beer watered down. That’s why he’s teamed up with Michelob ULTRA. The beer has been selling itself as booze for athletes for years and now they’ve got a real-life athlete to ballyhoo for them.

Armstrong is slated to star in one TV commercial for the brew and to make a cameo in another. Both ads will pop up in 2010, presumably between sports broadcasts. In addition, images of Armstrong will be used in print, outdoor-advertising, digital media and product packaging — and I, for one, can’t wait to see the new Lance Armstrong label.

Over the years, Armstrong has acted as spokesman for other businesses, including a long relationship with Nike. He’s also the founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which benefits those affected by cancer. But this will be the first time Lance has gotten on board with an alcoholic drink.

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Raspberry Ale Turns Snow White Into a Ho


Ho White

Jamieson Brewery, located in Victoria, Australia wants you to know that their Raspberry Ale is not too sweet. That’s why they’ve re-imagined Snow White as “Ho White” for their ad campaign and, in turn, pissed off Disney.

The ad features a Snow White-esque cartoon under the covers with seven half-naked dwarf-types, each of which sporting a new name, like Smarmy and Filthy. The campaign, called “Anything But Sweet”, seems to be aimed at men who think a raspberry flavored beer might be too girly for their tastes.

Whether or not turning Snow White into a “Ho” will attract that dubious audience has yet to be seen. (It seems more likely that they might attract child molesters.) But they certainly have gotten Disney’s attention. Mickey Mouse’s company licenses Snow White’s likeness so they are furious over her new, sluttier look.

The campaign rolled out last week, launching online. Plans for Ho White also include bar coasters to be placed in Australian bars and posters in local liquor stores.

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Vermonster vs. Monster, and 6 Other Fine Beverages to Get Your Monster On

BeerOther Beverage

I gave the fine people at Monster Beverage Co. a chance. After hearing about their shameless attack on Rock Art Brewery‘s Vermonster, I called Monster up to get their side of the story. They told me they couldn’t comment, but they would send me a statement. They didn’t. Fools. See the full post »

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