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Grolsch Beer Wreckage on Highway via TRUCKSPILL


Truck Spills Grolsch

I present to you the “Road of Grolsch”. It serves as a reminder of what can happen when fine beverage hauling goes wrong, aka TRUCKSPILL.

But how often does fine beverage hauling really go wrong? All the time. And my new favorite website truckspills.com has the evidence to prove it. Claiming to be “The website of odd, strange, interesting, and unbelievable things spilled on the road by trucks.” It’s the real deal. See the full post »

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Last Week in Beer Blogs


Official ending event for the President of the SDBG.

The Beer Wench recounts her San Diego Beer Week experience. [Drink With The Wench]

A very cool look at Firestone Walker XIII & Life and Limb/Limb & Life [BetterBeerBlog]

Brewery housed in old school for sale in Texas. I want it. Bad. [I Love Beer] See the full post »

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Stocking the Bar for the End of the World Party

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The Road

Viggo Mortensen reprises the role of “The Man” in the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” which hits screens across the country on Wednesday. The book was fantastic, and the release got me thinking about fine beverage (and liquids) in a post-apocalypse environment.

The Man and Robert Neville, the main character in “I Am Legend”, took different approaches to drinking. Now folks, I haven’t seen either movie (dead tree stories still hold a special place in my heart), so I’m talking about the novels. NO SPOILER ALERTS! The Man won’t touch the stuff, and Neville drinks like a fish for a good portion of the story. So how would you roll? Here’s my top ten: See the full post »

Crowdsourcing Site Tries to Raise $300 Million to Buy Pabst


Buy A Beer Company

BuyABeerCompany.com is looking to raise enough money to buy Pabst, which is up for sale for a mere 300 million.

BuyABeerCompany has raised (at the time of writing this) around $80,000 so far, which may sound like a lot, but in order to reach the asking price, they’ll need to raise $80,000 approx. 3,750 more times. Godspeed optimistic crowdsourcers…Godspeed. See the full post »

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The Most Expensive Beer Ever (Hint: It’s Not Utopias)



A bottle of Lowenbrau that survived the legendary Hindenburg airship crash is poised to earn the honors of the most expensive bottle of beer ever.

According to ABC News:

A singed bottle of beer recovered from the ashes of the Hindenburg disaster is expected to fetch $4,000 to $8,000 at auction this weekend — the highest price ever for a bottle of beer. See the full post »

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Odell Prepares to Release Their Woodcut No. 3


Odell Woodcut 3

Avery isn’t the only awesome brewery coming out with their third installment of an awesome series of beer as Odell prepares to release their Woodcut No. 3. The third of their Woodcut barrel-aged series, No. 3 follows No. 1, an oak aged ale and No. 2, an oak aged golden ale. No. 3 is an oak aged crimson ale that after primary fermentation, it is chilled and then transferred to virgin American oak barrels to age and once it’s finally ready, the brewers will evaluate various barrel blends before finally choosing the blend to bottle. As with the other beers in the Woodcut series, Woodcut No. 3 is bottle conditioned in 750ml Champagne-style bottles and then corked and caged. See the full post »

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Artwork for Avery’s Black Tot Released


Avery's No. 3 in Barrel-Aged Series

Number 3 in Avery’s Barrel-Aged Series, Black Tot is an imperial oatmeal stout aged in Gosling’s Rum barrels and the artwork has just been released. With big shoes to fill following Brabant which was a zinfandel barrel-aged wild ale limited to 12,500 bottles and the more recent Suit Generis which was a barrel-aged sour ale limited to only 128 cases, I don’t think anyone will be let down by this one. Limited at 396 cases, I expect Black Tot to be a brewery only release, just as Sui Generis was, and it is planned to be released January 2010.

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Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter


Beer Blastered Liquid Shooter

The fine people at ThinkGeek have done it again, this time offering lucky customers the opportunity to shoot beer out ala vintage squirt gun.

Simple to use too:
Step one: shake your unopened can of soda or beer.
Step two: slide into the reservoir holder of the Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter.
Step three: lock the reservoir holder down – a small needle will puncture your can. The carbonation will give you the pressure needed to unleash your sticky liquid all over anyone with just the pull of the trigger.

The guy in the product photo is as creepy as can be as he appears to be shooting his “Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter” at the local playground, complete with a utility belt and a look in his eye that regrets nothing.

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