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Harpoon Island Creek Oyster Stout


Harpoon Island Creek Oyster Stout

Harpoon Brewery began brewing some oyster stout last Thursday that is slated to be available in early February. Brewed by Harpoon Brewer Katie Tame using Island Creek Oysters harvested by Founder, Skip Bennett, the idea of the Island Creek Oyster Stout came organically after years of sharing freshly harvested oysters over locally brewed pints of beer together.

Everyone at Island Creek Oysters is honored to have this opportunity to partner with our friends at the Harpoon Brewery after years of working together and create something unique that we’re all so proud,” explained Skip Bennett. “To be able to continue to partner with a like-minded brand that sources local ingredients and has strong ties to the community is truly a pleasure.See the full post »

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Huntington Beach Bans Beer Pong. Wait, WHAT?


You Sink It. They Drink It.

Because the economy is roaring and apparently all of Huntington Beach’s other problems have been solved, the Huntington Beach City Council has made a point to ban beer pong.

According to the OC Register:
Huntington Beach city leaders voted Tuesday night to outlaw alcohol games such as beer pong at new restaurants coming to downtown. This rule is in addition to new regulations the police chief enacted in September that banned these games at existing restaurants with entertainment permits citywide. See the full post »

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“Craft Beer rallies behind Haiti relief”


Haiti Earthquake

Beersage over at Beernews.org put together a great blog post about the efforts of craft breweries to support Haiti relief.

The post includes information about fundraising events around the country, and even mentions Mutineer Beer Editor/U.S. Army Super Soldier Brian Kropf as he and the rest of the magnificent 82nd Airborne help out in Haiti. See the full post »

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A-B InBev vs. Belgium: The Battle Rages On

Stella Artois vs Jedis

An artist’s rendering of what could happen if Belgian beer workers recruited local monks to join their cause, and if A-B InBev somehow created a robot army to impose their will, and if everyone agreed to take LSD for the good of the experience.

Last week on the Mutineer Blog we took a look at a dispute brewing between A-B InBev and its Belgian workers over proposed layoffs.

According to, “UPDATE 2-AB InBev fails to end Belgian beer blockades” a follow-up article on Reuters:
The Belgian workers have blocked the entrances to the company’s plants in Leuven and Liege for 13 days and a week at Hoegaarden in protest at AB InBev’s plan to cut a net 263 jobs out of its 2,700 Belgian workforce. See the full post »

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Belgian A-B InBev Workers Make A Statement in Mutinous Strike


Will Strike If Provoked

Word on the street is that A-B InBev is going to cut a bunch of jobs at its Belgian breweries, and the fine men and women working in these breweries are pretty ticked about it. Local supermarkets are running out of beer, and beer shortages never defuse situations, this much we know.

According to “AB InBev says distribution hit by workers’ blockages“, an article by Reuters:

Access to the Leuven and Jupille breweries, which principally produce Stella Artois and Jupiler beer, has been blocked since Friday. See the full post »

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Get Ready to Blow a Load of Cash on Sexual Chocolate!


Sexual Chocolate Bottle Release

The release of Sexual Chocolate from Foothills Brewing out of Winston-Salem, NC is less than a month away and all the details surrounding the release have finally emerged. What is set to be an epic release for the 2009 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal winner in the Imperial Stout/Porter category, Sexual Chocolate will be released on February 6 beginning at 11 A.M. However, if you plan on showing up at 11 A.M. for the release, you are wrong and you WILL miss out on this dark, luscious, sexy smooth vice.

But wait, there’s more. The night before, Foothills will host PreSex, a pre-release celebration centered around a tasting that will start at 7 P.M. and last until midnight. It’s an epic adventure with tons of great beer to be shared by other generous beer lovers, so be sure to bring an awesome bottle or two to share! See the full post »

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Meet the Brewers: Collaboration Day Wrap-Up


Meet the Brewers- Collaboration Day Wrap-Up

It’s just barely 2010 and epic collaborations have already begun. Mitch Steel of Stone Brewing Co., who is no stranger to collaborations, is teaming up with Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker and Shaun O’Sullivan of the great up-and-coming 21st Amendment out of San Francisco to create a collaboration that I’m sure only they could pull off. Not much information has been released about the beer in regards to style, but with these great masterminds at work, it shouldn’t disappoint. So many amazing brews have been created by these guys, I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Stone will be holding a “Meet the Brewers: Collaboration Day Wrap-Up” event Friday January 15th and you will have a chance to meet the brewers, hopefully find out about this awesome collaboration, and you may even have a chance to try some of the unfermented wort.

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3 Cheers For Small Beers


Anchor Small Beer

Our special anniversary edition lagerale weighs in at a massive 12% ABV with enough hops and malt to MELT YOUR FACE OFF!

These days, it seems like everyone has a special release beer that’s at least 9% ABV. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but what about something you can drink without having to go lie down on the couch? What about something that is…sessionable?

I went looking for something like this, and I found what’s called a “small beer”. It’s a beer that is made from the “second runnings” of a big beer like a barley wine (which would have an ABV greater than 8%). Second runnings just means that they make a second beer using the same grain that they used to make the first one. You get a beer with much less alcohol in it. It is not a baby version of whatever the grain was used to make first. Instead, it’s a brand new beer. See the full post »

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