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Deschutes Brewery Invades Minnesota



Although currently buried in snow, the Twin Cities have something to look forward to at the end of March. Starting the week of March 29th, Oregon’s nationally renowned craft brewery, Deschutes Brewery, will begin selling its beer in Minnesota. See the full post »

BrewDog Launches a Tactical Nuclear Strike on German Brewer Schorschbrau


Those cheeky punks at BrewDog are up to it again. This time, they’ve picked up the gauntlet thrown down by Schorschbrau who bumped BrewDog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin off of the “world’s strongest beer” throne earlier this month with their Schorschbock. The only way they could have made this promo video funnier is if they had put Biz Markee in a penguin costume. Oh BrewDog youuu; you got what I neeeeed. Unfortunately, I’ll never get to taste it because the West Coast Mutineer Armory intercepts these kind of packages. The Villains! See the full post »

The Taste of Victory


Jon Montgomery

I’ve been glued to the Winter Olympics for the past week and a half. Like most of you, I’ve become addicted to curling (it’s okay to admit it…there are others like you out there), and I’m pretty disappointed by NBC’s coverage. It’s too stage managed and stale. You have to jump through mammoth hoops to even watch stuff online.

So it is with great joy that I show you this video as a tribute to our neighbors of the Great White North. Jon Montgomery won a gold medal in skeleton and on the way back from his run, a fan hands him a pitcher of beer. CTV caught it on camera and then played it on the air. If you look closely, you see the cops walking right next to him. Completely unscripted and the fan wasn’t tased. This was truly an epic Olympic beverage moment!

See the video.

Beer…It Does a Body Good


Skeleton Drinking Beer

Wine and beer folks are always trying to one up each other about their respective beverage’s health effects. Wine folks have volumes of research backing them up. They even have supplements like resveratrol that are derived from red wine grapes. Beer guys sometimes go out on a limb regarding health benefits (It makes you look cool…which boosts your self esteem…which contributes to your mental health…right?).

Well the suds soldiers finally have a legit arrow in their quiver. A study by brew friendly school, UC Davis, finds that beer has silicon in it which contributes to bone mineral density.

Yup, drinking beer can toughen up your bones and you don’t even have to hit your shins with a baseball bat like Muay Thai fighters. I’m really happy to know this because with all the beer I drink, I may have a super-skeleton like Wolverine.  I wonder if I keep up my beer consumption if one day I’ll get a bottle opener that will retract into my hand. One can only dream…

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Beer Run: Man Loves Beer So Much He Robbed Circle K Convenience Stores At Least 39 Times


Beer Runs

According to the Arizona Republic:
A Phoenix man was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of stealing beer from Circle K convenience stores at least 39 times throughout Tempe and Phoenix.
Atkins was being held on 21 counts of theft in Tempe and 18 counts of theft in Phoenix. The total cost of the stolen merchandise was $4,604.35.

There were definitely some winning comments on this post, including: See the full post »

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Super Bowl Beer Commercials To Get You Pumped For Super Bowl Weekend


Yes, it’s Super Bowl beer commercial season, which basically means Bud Light commercials. Here are some classics to back-up the rest of your Super Bowl experience. I’m officially pulling for the Saints. New Orleans has a hell of a beverage culture that would get a big boost from a Saints Super Bowl win. See the full post »

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Fine Beverages of LOST


Dharma Beer

We’re all fans of LOST here aboard the Mutineer frigate, so it’s only fitting that we highlight fine beverage references in the show being that the season just kicked off on Tuesday. While the series is rife with fine beverage, I wanted to focus on what is provided by the benevolent Dharma Initiative. See the full post »

Double Barrel Aged: The Next Step in Barrel Beers


Founders Brewing Co. Nemesis

You really can’t toss a keg without hitting a brewery that hasn’t done a barrel aged beer. It’s what all the cool kids are drinking these days and for good reason. They’re freaking delicious. So how do you, as an avant garde brewer, differentiate yourself from the herd? Founders sorted it out. See the full post »

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