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Anderson Valley Brewing Co. To Be Acquired By Beer Industry Veteran

Trey White and Ken Allen

Trey White (L) and Ken Allen (R)

HMB Holdings and the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, recently announced a definitive purchase agreement by which  HMB Holdings, LLC will acquire the Anderson Valley Brewery.

Terms of the transaction are undisclosed.  Pending appropriate regulatory approvals, the deal will close in April, 2010.

Under the leadership of respected industry pioneer Ken Allen, Anderson Valley Brewery has been creating award winning craft beers in Boonville, CA since 1987.   See the full post »

Brewers Association Action Request: Support Craft Beer with H.R. 4278


Beer Activists Logo
The Brewers Association recently released an Action Request to Beer Enthusiasts, Homebrewers, Breweries & Beer-Allied Companies. The request is rather simple: Help increase your access to craft beer from America’s small brewers. 

And how does one take such action?

According to the Brewers Association, “We are asking you to support America’s small brewers by making a very simple request of your U.S. Representative to become a co-sponsor of H.R. 4278.See the full post »

Firestone Walker Presents “Solace”


Firestone Walker Solace 6-pack

Firestone Walker Brewing Company has announced the upcoming release of a seasonal beer called Solace. This is the brewery’s first bottled release of a seasonal ale. It is scheduled to debut on April 1st. 

Seasonal beers are in high demand right now and we wanted to provide Firestone lover’s with our take on a seasonal offering,” said co-proprietor David Walker. See the full post »

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Haiti Fine Beverage Update

BeerOther BeverageSpirits
Energy Drink in Haiti

Energy drinks Brian Kropf picked up in Haiti

Despite being the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti still manages to get its fine beverage on. For liquor, their most notable is Barbancourt Rhum, which unfortunately, their factory suffered some serious setbacks during the January earthquake that rocked the small Caribbean country and killed over 200,000 Haitians. They lost quite a bit of rum and the factory sustained some serious damage as well.

The most dominate seems to be energy drinks. Toro (their marketing looks pretty similar to Red Bull), Gladiator, Atomic, Ragaman, etc. The list goes on and on, but they love their energy drinks and the trash of empty bottles strewn throughout the streets makes this evident. They don’t taste nearly as good as ours and they’re pretty syrupy, with the main ingredients being water and granulated sugar. See the full post »

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Philly Bars Busted For Unlicensed Beers…Really?


Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Logo

As if the already existing “beer wars” within the three-tier system in the United States wasn’t bad enough, the state of Pennsylvania has decided to wage its own war with its beer industry.

Pennsylvania does not have the best reputation within the beverage industry. PA residents have been protesting against its wacky beverage laws and strict controls for some time now. Joe Roberts, the very entertaining (and knowledgeable) author of 1WineDude, sums up the the frustration of Pennsylvania residents best in his blog post entitled “I Hate The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.” Here is an excerpt: “I hate the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  I hate the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  I hate the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  I hate the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  I hate the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  I hate the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.See the full post »

Mutineer Interviews Available Online: Jim Koch, Max Riedel & Randall Grahm

Jim Koch Max Riedel Randall Grahm

L to R: Jim Koch, Max Riedel, Randall Grahm

Alongside Gary Vaynerchuk and Zane Lamprey’s Mutineer Interviews that are available for free online, we’ve also added Mutineer Interviews from Jim Koch of Sam Adams, Max Riedel of Riedel Glassware, and Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard to the online collection.

Check out the entire Mutineer Interview collection.

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Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Announces New Brewmaster


Floris Delee

Earlier today, DogFish Head Craft Brewery announced the addition of world renowned engineering and brewing expert, Floris Delée, to its team as the Delaware brewery’s new Brewmaster. 

We are really proud to have Floris joining us as Brewmaster here at Dogfish Head,” explains Dogfish Head President Sam Calagione, “like a well-balanced beer, Floris brings the perfect blend of technical prowess and passion for creativity to our off-centered world.See the full post »

Paris Hilton Sells Devassa Beer With Her Sexy Moves. Brazil Not Happy.


“Pro-Sex-But-Not” Exhibit A: The Video That’s Turning on a Nation

Is this Devassa Bem Loura beer ad controversial in your opinion? Through my nubile eyes, this is obviously what happens when an entire city takes ecstasy all at the same time. It starts with voyeuristic visions of a beautiful woman dancing in a high rise, and is followed by the slow crescendo of a glitzy big band ensemble that seems to be coming from nowhere and everywhere at once. On any other day these would be random freaks in the crowd, but today the freaks have stormed the gates in a four to eight hour revolution fueled by designer street drugs and the unquenchable desire to sing songs and snap candidly fierce photos of the movie star to sell to TMZ Brazil. I’m not judging, just observing, and I’m not the only forward-thinking thinker to have concerns about this video. See the full post »

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