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Southern Tier Brewing Company at Rattle N Hum Bar NYC


Rattle N Hum Bar NYC

There are many advantages to living in the New York City metro area, and one of them is the quick rise of the craft beer scene. Bars such as Rattle N Hum are popping up all over NYC, boasting good beer, good food, and good times. You’ll be hard pressed to find a single day in the five boroughs where there is not a craft beer-centric event being held, usually in collaboration with a specific brewery.

Rattle N Hum, located on 33rd Street between Madison and 5th Avenue (a short walk from Penn Station), is run by Patrick Donagher, who is no stranger to organizing brewery based event nights. On Tuesday, July 21, 2010, Southern Tier Brewing Company took over half of the forty-something taps available at RNH (<-cool kid speak for Rattle N Hum). See the full post »

Craft Beer Radar: Notable Upcoming Beer Releases


Abita Save our Shore Welcome to the first of what I hope will be an informative weekly post about some of the more noteworthy just announced, upcoming beer releases. I am proud to join the extremely passionate team of fine beverage champions here at Mutineer – vive la quality drink, revolution!

Abita Beer – “Save Our Shore”

We have all been shocked and saddened by the truly catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, in the shadow of this ongoing disaster is Abita Beer of Abita Springs, Louisiana who on Friday, July 16 released the first bottles of Abita SOS, a charitable Pilsner. Initially for sale in New Orleans, cases will then make their way across the county. Seventy-five cents from the sale of every bottle is going to a fund established by Abita to assist with the environmental impact and to help individuals fighting to survive in the wake of the widespread economic devastation. See the full post »

Oregon Halts Oregon Homebrewers Rights


Oregon Liquor Control Commission Logo Oregon has always been a progressive state. For instance, Oregonians had prohibition years before it became a federal law. Now if that isn’t progressive, what else would be? How about if people could make beer, wine, etc. in their own homes, but not share it with friends, enter it into competitions, or walk it over to the local barbecue?

ORS 471.403 is the law that says that Oregon homemade beer and wine must not be taken away from the residence at which it was fermented. This law was recently brought into the stage light when a brewer was inquiring to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission if holding a home brew competition was legal or not. It turned out that it was not, much to everyone’s great dismay. See the full post »

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Mutinous Lesson In History: Privatbrauerei A. Kropf


Privatbrauerei A. Kropf

Do you have a brewery named after you? Well, I suppose if your last name is Miller, Leinenkugel, or if you were for some reason named Oskar Blues then you might, but chances are you don’t. Technically, neither do I, but I still find it interesting nonetheless. I present to you, Privatbrauerei A. Kropf out of Kassel, Germany.

This brewery is one of my earliest memories of beer, as several bottles of Kropf Dark German Draft have sat dormant in our fridge for the last 18 or more years. But I knew they were there and being of German descendent myself, did I have any relation to Adolf Kropf? Well, who knows. But it’s definitely a cool connection. See the full post »

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FTW: The Beer Buckle


The Beer Buckle, Dos Equis

Ever find yourself needing to use both hands, but one of them is occupied with a beer and there is just no where to put it down? Lame! But have no fear, a team of Texas cowboys from Presently Beer Clothing Company LLC have invented the solution. See the full post »

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21st Amendment Debuts “Back In Black” IPA In Cans


21st Amendment Back in Black IPA Can 21st Amendment Brewery recently announced the release of “Back in Black”, the first black IPA to be available in a can. The beer weighs in at 6.8% ABV (Alcohol Per Volume) with 65 IBUs (International Bittering Units).

“We were certainly among the first several years ago to regularly brew this beer, as breweries around the country began to experiment with black versions of traditional styles-from black IPAs to black Saisons.” — Shaun O’Sullivan, Co-founder and Brewmaster at 21st Amendment. “Brewing this style and being a leader in this category supports our mission to be original, push boundaries and get people to be less ‘traditional’ in the way they think about and drink beer.” See the full post »

Maui Brewing Co. Expands Distribution to Washington State


Maui Brewing Co. Logo Maui Brewing Co. brewers of Bikini Blonde, Big Swell IPA, and CoCoNut Porter have expanded their off-island distribution to Washington State in a signed deal with Click Wholesale Distributing of Kent, Washington.

Click Wholesale Distributing and their sister Co. Click Distributing East will give Maui Brewing Co. availability throughout the entire state of Washington, including some portions of Idaho. Maui Brewing Co. beers can also be found in Hawaii, Oregon, and California. See the full post »

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Brewers Association Reports Explosive Brewery Growth


Brewers Association - Brewery Increases One sector that is obviously not suffering at all is the beer industry. A new report from the Brewers Association puts new breweries that have surfaced thus far in 2010 number some 155. That is getting close to one new brewery per day. To put this number in perspective, all of 2009 only brought 110 new breweries to market.

This number doesn’t just cover the latest craze in beer, nanobrewing, but the Brewers Association is also seeing strong growth in the microbrewery sector as well as brewpubs. What is even more encouraging from these outstanding growth numbers is that the breweries-in-planning list they have has an outstanding 389 projects. Obviously not all of these will come to fruition, but the sheer amount as compared to last years 260 give a good outlook on the brewing sector. See the full post »

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