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The Big Hurt Beer and Song

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It’s true, Frank Thomas has his own beer. The future hall of famer known as The Big Hurt has a beer called Big Hurt Beer, a “crisp, full flavored American lager.” He, apparently, also (unofficially) has a song about it.

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Pleasant Grove, Utah Rejects Ordinance Banning Sunday Beer Sales


Beer Activists Logo

This story is pretty simple and starts with a small town in Utah. Pleasant Grove, which is predominately Mormon, recently had an ordinance on the table that would ban Sunday beer sales. Thankfully for the townspeople and non-Mormons, it was rejected by a 4-1 vote by the city council as some of the council members felt that while Pleasant Grove may be mostly Mormon, the city should not impose the majority’s religious views on the minority through legislation. This leads me to Councilman Jeffrey Wilson, the one man wolf pack and the only council member to have voted in favor of the city ordinance. His reaction to the vote? “What’s next? Are we going to legalize marijuana?” Oh Jeffrey, that cracks me up every time I read that and that’s EXACTLY what will happen, because allowing beer to be sold on Sundays is basically like legalizing marijuana.

Cedar Hills, just four miles away, tried limiting beer sold in their town several years back as well by attempting to block a grocery store from being built that would carry beer. They also pushed another ordinance that would require businesses to close on Sundays in observance of Sabbath. Both failed miserably.

Check out these Utah craft breweries:

Epic Brewing Co.

RedRock Brewing Company

Squatters Pub Brewery

Uinta Brewing Company

Utah Brewers Cooperative

Wasatch Brew Pub

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North American Beer is NOT Acceptable Says Adele


AdeleAll famous touring acts have riders, which are essentially a list of demands that an artist must have in order to perform. These can be basic things like the colors of a room to very specific things like certain brands, what people can and can’t do, and even as far as saying they only want a specific color of M&M’s.

For megastar Adele, hers includes everything from “squeezy” bottles clear honey (not organic) to a pack of Marlboro Lights cigarettes with a disposable lighter. But what about for beverages? Well, she has some specific demands about those as well starting with three bottles of the very best red wine (Italian, French, Australian or Spanish). Next, she asks for twelve bottles of “best quality European lager, i.e. Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni, etc. North American beer is NOT acceptable. Picky picky!

In addition to that, she asks for 24 bottles of still mineral water at room temperature, two quarts of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water, 1 liter fresh orange juice, 1 liter fresh apple juice, and a quart of fresh 2% milk.

Her band gets in on the action too. Their beverage demands? Still water, San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water, orange juice, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Red Bull, “best quality European lager, i.e. Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni, etc. North American beer is NOT acceptable, best quality California red wine, best quality California Sauvignon Blanc white wine NO CHARDONNAY!, and one bottle of Grey Goose. For her band, that’s just for the dressing room. For the bus, they add a lot of the same and add fruit smoothies, milk, orange juice and this time instead of a European lager, they ask for “good quality local lager (chilled) (NOT Budweiser, Miller or similar ‘national’ brand). I can dig that.

Click here to view the entire rider.

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Man Ate Frozen Beer to Survive


Beer Popsicles by Sarah Rae Trover

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

An Alaska man has recently found himself in the news after crashing his truck into a snowbank and getting stuck for three days. He had no food and he had no water, but he had a fleece sleeping bag liner to keep him warm at night with temperatures that dipped as low as -18.4 degrees F. He also had a few cans of Coors Light in the cab of his truck. Why they were there, who knows, but they were frozen and to survive he cut the lids off and ate the frozen solid beer with a knife.

Three days later, his boss realized something was wrong and contacted emergency crews who soon found him.

At only 102 calories per Coors Light, his survival kit should carry some bigger beers like Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, which weigh in at a lofty 330 calorie per 12 ounces and should keep him warm on those cold Alaska nights.

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MMMBop to MMMHop, Hanson to Launch Beer


Hanson MMMHop beer

Hanson, the boy band most known for their hit song MMMBop in 1997 (and I don’t think anything else…) is rumored to be entering the beer business. Brothers Taylor, Isaac and Zac are planning to release MMMHop IPA early next year. Youngest brother Zac spoke of the venture at Oxford Union earlier this week saying “It’s vital our fans trust in everything Hanson do. We are soon going to be selling our own beer. I’m not joking – Mmmhop IPA anyone?”

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CANFEST Is Less Than a Month Away



The Mutineer Magazine sponsored CANFEST is less than a month away. If canned craft beer is your thing, join us in Reno on November 12 for the largest gathering of canned craft beer in the world. Mutineer will be there, so be sure to stop by our booth and say hi. If you were lucky enough to get a VIP ticket, you will be able to enter the festival an hour early for the Mutineer Magazine VIP Hour and you’ll have access to the Mutineer VIP Lounge as well.

It’s not too late to get your tickets to the third annual CANFEST. Tickets can be found here.

Find CANFEST on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Secret Life of Bourbon Barrels


Where are all the barrels going?

Infographic by gustavkatz.com

We found this infographic over on tastingtable.com and it was too cool not to share. It shows the lifespan of many bourbon barrels, starting with being filled with bourbon and wherever they may head to next. By law, bourbon barrels can only be used once, which creates an incredible supply of them. A lot of them head to Mexico for tequila to age in, as well as Scotland for scotch to be aged in. Until recently, there wasn’t a huge demand for them, and then they started being sent to breweries for beer to be aged in, imparting the delicious flavors of the former tenant to the new beer. From there, everything from bitters to coffee beans to tobacco have been stored in used barrels, even maple syrup and sherry vinegar. The maple syrup, might I add, is incredible.

One addition, that I’m surprised to not see on the infographic, is Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS), a massive imperial stout brewed with chocolate and coffee beans that is aged in a barrel that originally held bourbon and then held maple syrup. This beer was released earlier this month and 12,000 bottles didn’t leave much to go around.

Click on the image to see a bigger version of the infographic.

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Diageo To Relocate Production of US Supply of Red Stripe Beer


Red Stripe BeerNorwalk, CT – Diageo, the world’s leading premium spirits, beer and wine company announced today that production of Red Stripe currently brewed in Jamaica for the US market will be relocated to the United States beginning in 2012. Pennsylvania-based City Brewing has been tapped to handle US production. Jamaica-based Desnoes & Geddes Limited (D&G) will continue producing Red Stripe for Jamaica, Brazil, Canada and Europe and will receive royalties on US Red Stripe sales.

This new production model, typical for most global brewers, will enable greater investment in the brand in the US.

“Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light’s distinctive taste profiles will remain the same, and the brand’s personality will continue to embody the Jamaican culture that has always been its inspiration,” said Sheila Stanziale, President, Diageo-Guinness USA.

Stanziale continued, “Moving to a US production model for US volume significantly strengthens the Red Stripe brand and is a clear demonstration of Diageo’s commitment to the beer category, and to accelerating the growth of Red Stripe and our entire brand portfolio.”

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