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Arch-Nemesis No More! Steve Heimoff Goes From Foe to Friend of the Mutineer: A Retrospective


Mutineer Comic Part 1

Arch-Nemesis No More! Steve Heimoff Goes From Foe to Friend of the Mutineer: A Retrospective

If this were a comic book series, this would be “Steve Heimoff #20″, because a quick search on the Mutineer Blog will bring up no less than 19 posts involving Steve Heimoff.

But this post is different. This post is the epic installment that marks the moment that The Mutineer and Steve Heimoff cease to be arch-nemesis and become allies…or that moment happened sometime last week I think, but it is today that we chronicle the event on the Mutineer Blog. See the full post »

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Steve Heimoff = Arch Nemesis


This Unchecked Aggression Will Not Stand

Mr. Heimoff has drawn a line in the sand by neglecting to hold himself accountable regarding the false accusations he made in reference to the integrity of Mutineer Magazine and myself.

If you aren’t aware of the situation, you can bring yourself up to speed here.

He did technically reply, but I wouldn’t call it much of a response.

Steve Heimoff Situation November 2008 01 See the full post »

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A Letter To Steve Heimoff


Alan Kropf's Unposted Comment on Steve Heimoff's Blog

Because Mr. Heimoff has chosen to not post my comment on his blog which attacked us today, this is my response to him.

Dear Mr. Heimoff,

Today I received several e-mails about a blog you posted titled, “If you knock ratings, then don’t rate wines!”, which basically attacks the integrity of Mutineer Magazine and myself directly.

I have invested everything I have into Mutineer Magazine, and while I welcome constructive criticism, I will not stand by and have you make false accusations about me or my magazine. See the full post »

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Tony Stark Enjoys a Fine Beverage a Delicious Fine Beverage While Chatting With Super Villains

Other Beverage

This clip pretty much captures what happened the first time I met with Steve Heimoff. Mr. Stark apparently likes his dark spirits neat and served out of a decanter. And wait, is that absinthe on his back bar? If it is, I like his style, but I must caution against putting absinthe in a clear decanter as it is sensitive to the sun, which is a problem in an all-windows ultra high-rise condo. Also of note on the back bar is the decanter of wine that seems to just be hanging out. Maybe if you’re Tony Stark you have your butler decant a new bottle of red wine every morning “just in case”.

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Premiere Napa Valley 2012: Big Money, Iconic Winemakers & A Former Arch-Nemesis

Beverage NewsWine

Premiere Napa Valley

The wine masses gather to taste the 2012 Premiere Napa Valley wines.

Premiere Napa Valley has become something of an institution among U.S. wine events since its launch in 1997. It serves not only as an indicator of what’s to come in the high-end wine market, but as a barometer for the U.S. economic recovery as a whole. The wine auction revenues this year exceeded 2011 by 31% and set a new all-time record with bidders paying $3.1 million for the 200 wine lots comprised of 1,495 total cases. (Premiere Napa Valley took place on Saturday, February 25. On Tuesday, February 28, the Dow rose above 13,000 points for the first time since May 2008).

According to Pine Ridge Vineyards CEO and PNV 2012 Chair Erle Martin, “The way our customers reacted, it strikes me that it was just that: a market response. The result of this auction is a true measure of the market. Clearly, even in a still challenged economy, the retailers and restaurateurs have voted. The buyers for these wines would not have put forth this kind of investment if they didn’t feel–with real security–that they could sell these wines.”

The event began earlier in the week for many, arriving in the valley to be wined and dined and reacquaint themselves with the Napa experience. Winery wisdom says to know who is going to buy your lot and for how much before the auction begins, and the week-long lead up provides one last opportunity to woo potential buyers. Martin adds, “The energy was high all week leading up to the event on Saturday. Our retail, restaurant and wholesale clients were arriving as early as Monday to the Napa Valley to join vintners at private tastings and we could feel the excitement grow day by day.”

Today, patrons arrived at 9am to began tasting samples from the lots that will be auctioned later in the day. It is a frenzied tasting, with palates fighting a battle for survival sampling so many young and aggressive wines.

At this event, everybody is somebody of some formal fine beverage capacity. It’s a who’s who of Napa Valley and beyond, with iconic wine makers mingling with consumer attendees and national level buyers alike. I even run into my old arch-nemesis Steve Heimoff, it’s that kind of party. Every introduction has the potential to lead to something big, and with an endless supply of wine to provide social lubrication and the beautiful aesthetic of the CIA Greystone to serve as a backdrop, anything is possible.

Premiere Napa Valley

A rare sighting of The Mutineer and The Heimoff together.

For the foolish that skip breakfast, the 11am buffet lunch prepared by the Culinary Institute of America cannot come soon enough. Braised vegetables, mushroom risotto, squash ravioli and other hearty winter dishes provide much needed comfort-food nourishment and a perfect pairing with the hearty Napa red wines.

After lunch, bidders and spectators mill into the auction space with hopes of securing a seat. Some have paper cups full of espresso in an attempt to regain focus after a morning of big wine and big food, while others sport heavy glasses of wine in a clear effort to throw inhibitions out the window. Winery representatives greet bidders as they arrive for one last round of back-slapping, hand-shaking, cheek-kissing and bear-hugging before bidding begins. Grand wines and even grander egos are on the line; the collective buying power of the audience is massive, with 88 retail outlets, 84 restaurants and 86 distributors / importers competing for 200 lots of wine. Every effort must be made to ensure success.

Premiere Napa Valley

Napa’s “Bounty Hunter” was among the biggest bidders at the auction this year.

Quirky statistics about Napa Valley appear on a slideshow on monitors around the room and John Mellancamp blares over the PA speakers. The mood is electric and iconic wine auctioneers Fritz Hatton and Ursula Hermacinski get the auction rolling. A joke is made about the economy returning to pre-recession highs and stock[piles] of Napa wine being at an all-time low, so the time to buy is now. Laughter ensues. Let’s do this.

Pine Ridge Vineyards is the Chair winery this year for Premiere, so it gets to go first, fetching $30,000 for 20 cases (one barrel) of 2010 cabernet sauvignon blend called “5 x 5″ in honor of the five classic Bordeaux varietals used. Duckhorn Vineyards ups the ante a few lots later bringing in $40,000 for 20 cases of its 2010 “Three Palms Vineyard” cabernet sauvignon blended with a little merlot from the same vineyard.

See the full post »

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 19 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue 19

From the Issue 19 Letter from the Editor:
“My fellow Mutineers, this is technically the first issue of the fourth year of Mutineer Magazine. Yes folks, this proverbial battleship of fine beverage righteousness has relentlessly pressed on, blasting against the confused currents of a culture in the midst of an awkward adolescence that will likely only be truly appreciated with hindsight.

My fine beverage brethren, the time has come to put on your Che t-shirt and cue up the White Album, because we are in the midst of a people’s drink revolution of the highest order. It’s essentially a waking dream, except real.”

And he even continues further. How can one not get excited about that? Throughout Issue 19 of Mutineer Magazine, you will find that same intensity for today’s beverage culture.

The September/October 2011 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Behind the Peep Hole: Ken Burns’ “Prohibition”

Mutineer gives you a first glimpse into Ken Burn’s Prohibition, his three-part documentary film series that tells the story of the rise, rule and fall of the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the entire era it encompassed. Flappers and fedoras are only part of the story of Prohibition. Ken Burns digs deeper in his new documentary.


What happens when you take talented brewers from two continents and partner them with an Iron Chef? Amazing things… on a rooftop.

Gypsy Brewing

A band of brewers questioned the traditional brewery model and wrote their own rules. They’re called gypsy brewers, and they’re challenging the craft beer world.

Mutineer Interview: Steve Heimoff

Part wine journo, part blogger, Steve Heimoff is a rare species. Mutineer tracked down the elusive hybrid to ask him a few burning questions.

Hungry Mutineer: Tailgating

Mutineer Food Editor Erin Jimcosky teaches you how to tailgate… Izakaya style. She prepares her favorite American tailgate fare with a Japanese Izakaya twist and pairs it with some great Japanese beer selections.

The September/October issue also includes:
Dan Dunn’s Civilization and Its Discontents: Another Gin-Soaked Degenerate
The Plaid Avenger: Malbec
What People Drink: David Walker, Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
What People Drink: Jackson Sisters, Jackson Family Wines
Wine Steals: California Red Blends
Behind The Bottle: The Last Glass
Beer Styles: Black IPA
Classic Cocktails: The Negroni
Coffee & Tea: Pourover, Limburger Cheese, Drink Night Cocktails, and much, much, more…

2010 Wine Blog Awards Winners

Wine Blog Awards Ceremony

Comedian Ben Morrison co-hosts the 2010 Wine Blog Awards on the big screen with Alan Kropf, who enjoyed some absinthe during the ceremony, at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Walla Walla, Washington.

Things got truly epic in Walla Walla this last weekend at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference with the 2010 Wine Blog Awards, presented by yours truly. Riedel Crystal sponsored the trophies, and Mutineer Magazine sponsored the epicness.

Here is a list of the nominees and winners: See the full post »

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“How Much Alcohol Would It Take To Kill You?”

Beverage News

Booze Death Calculator

Really? REALLY? This has to be the most idiotic, moronic, ridiculously stupid website ever…not counting Zombo.com…or Heimoff’s site.

The premise is this: you “Choose Your Drink”, enter your weight, choose your gender, and find out how many Apple Tinis it would take to end your life. Yup. That’s it. See the full post »

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