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Time is Running Out: Enter La Crema’s Sensory Contest Today!


EGD Barrel Samples

La Crema Winery launched its Virtual Vintner program earlier this summer, letting consumers become a part of the winemaking experience. With interactive features like food and wine pairings, educational videos, and quizzes from winemaker Elizabeth Grant-Douglas, the Virtual Vintner Program offers everything needed to help guide participants through all stages of the process.

Until October 10, 2014 you can participate in the current phase of the Virtual Vintner experience, the Sensory Contest, where participants can select photos that best represent their idea of the Russian River Pinot Noir flavor profile. You’ll also discover how well your prediction of the wine flavor matches the winemaker Elizabeth Grant Douglas’ notes.

Be a part of this unique winemaking experience and help La Crema create their first crowd-created wine, from vine to bottle, by heading over to vv.lacrema.com today.


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