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Bulleit and Noble Denim Collaborate on Barrel Aged Denim


A lot of things are aged in bourbon barrels. For instance, things like tequila, scotch whisky, and Tabasco Sauce are aged in bourbon barrels and have been for years. Other things, like vanilla extract, sugar, coffee beans, and maple syrup, have been aged in bourbon barrels as of more recently and all have been delicious.

But this newest collaboration has caught are eye … raw denim? Yup.

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Noble Denim has paired up with Bulleit Bourbon to collaborate by barrel aging Noble Denim’s raw denim jeans in used Bulleit bourbon barrels. What will the outcome be? What do they expect to happen? Well, nobody really knows but it will be interesting nonetheless. The project will start later this month when Noble inserts 50 pair of their iconic Earnest or Truman raw denim jeans, hand stitched in Tennessee, into recently emptied Bulleit Bourbon barrels.

Stay tuned to see what happens.


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    […] What do you get when you bourbon barrel age $250 raw denim jeans? Well, nobody still knows. Regardless, the folks at Noble Denim and Bulleit Bourbon are curious and that’s what they’re working on, as we first highlighted last month. […]

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