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What People Drink with Lil Bub


Lil Bub

Photo by Mike Bridavsky

Lil Bub is a worldwide phenomenon with a unique voice in a vast sea of Lolcat memes and kitty videos. A perma-kitten and intergalactic traveler, Bub has taken the Earth by storm. She is the underdog that came out on top, and is doing what she can to give back. Mutineer Magazine had the chance to talk with this special kitty to find out how she is adjusting to life on earth, her famous friends, and about her upcoming projects.

You aren’t able to drink in the conventional feline style. Can you tell me how you drink your fine beverage?
Hi. It’s me BUB. About 10 months after landing on Earth, I gave up on drinking. I like the taste, but hate the task. So as a solution I convinced my dude to just start mixing the water in with my food, creating what I like to call BUB SOUP. Soup is a brilliant thing. It allows you to drink and eat at the same time, leaving more time to save the planet and stuff like that.

Do all felines on your planet have to take fluids this way?
On my planet the air is so moist that we don’t need to drink. That’s why our tongues stick out like this; they are designed to constantly absorb the moisture in the air. That’s why it’s so hard for me here on Earth. The air. It’s not moist enough.

What is your favorite food and beverage pairing?
Definitely water and fishes. It’s a pretty obvious pairing, but a classic.

Do you prefer water or milk to have with your fishes?
Milk is not particularly good for earth kitties or space kitties, although it sure does taste amazing. But I prefer water. Water is the way to go if you’re a cat.

At Mutineer we say that water is the finest beverage of them all. Do you prefer sparkling, still, filtered?
Oh I do enjoy nice, cool filtered water.

Your documentary “Lil Bub and Friendz” was the talk of the Tribeca Film Festival last year. What was the highlight of that experience for you?
There were many highlights, for sure. But I think that meeting Whoopi Goldberg and Robert De Niro were certainly my favorite moments. Whoopi and I are like best pals now, it’s awesome.

What is your dude’s favorite fine beverage to sip while you two are hanging out?
Grapefruit juice.

At Mutineer we are so impressed with all of the work you have done to help your fellow animal. Why is it so important to you to do this?
It’s my job and my purpose on earth. I want all animals to be as fortunate and lucky as me, to find good homes, eat good fishes and have plenty of time to relax on the couch. Everyone deserves that.

You have a lot of big things coming up with one of them being your book hitting the shelves this September. What can we expect from Lil Bub’s Lil Book?
I have to say, my book is incredible. With the help of my dude and his very talented friends, I built big fancy sets of my home planet, my spaceship, Stonehenge, the pyramids, hot air balloons and more. Then I made them take photos of me in these sets. And then I used over a hundred of these brilliant, stunning photographs to tell the story of how I crashed to Earth, found my dude, and explored your planet.

You also have a talk show. Will we be seeing more of your famous feline friends?
Yes, Lil BUB’s Big SHOW debuted on the same day that my book came out, and the same day that my documentary was released. It was Intergalactic BUB Day. Sure, I may have some of my Earth-cat pals on the show. There will be lots of surprises, I can promise that.


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