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Mutineer Magazine Issue 30 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue 30 Cover

Greeting Friends,

Another issue of Mutineer Magazine and another opportunity to share beverage stories from around the world that we hope will inspire you, dear reader, to look differently at the beverage in your glass and to seek out beverage related experiences whenever possible.

In this jam-packed issue of Mutineer, we chatted with some of the most interesting people in beverage, including the people’s champion himself Zane Lamprey. We also stop to take a look at some of our favorite beverages like gin and sherry, and even a throwback to the origins of lemon soda. Kickstarter? Yeah, we’ve got that as well as we highlight a few of our favorite beverage related Kickstarter projects to have surfaced over the last few years.

As always, we appreciate your coming along with us on this beverage fueled adventure and we hope to share a drink with you soon.


Brian Kropf, Editor-in-Chief

The 2014 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Zane Lamprey: I Drink Like It’s My Job

The People’s Champion of Beverage has a tough life, traveling the world and reporting on drinking customs and cultures from countries around the world. We’ve seen him several times since he first exploded onto the scene with Three Sheets and now, thanks to Kickstarter, he’s back and traveling the world by train bringing us all new drinking adventures.

Gin Defined: From Medicine to Mixology

Gin is a spirit with an illustrious past and one that has taken nods from all around Europe and beyond, becoming what we know it as today. In Gin Defined: From Medicine to Mixology, beverage writer Emily Hutto takes an in-depth look at gin with what it once was, was it has become, and what it continues to evolve into.

The 2014 issue also includes:

What People Drink: Hollis Bulleit
What People Drink: Vernon Davis
What People Drink: The Bon Vivants
Beer Styles: A Beer For Every Season
Classic Cocktails: The Martinez Cocktail
DIY: From Your Favorite Bartenders
From the Desk of: Bobby Heugel – The State of Agave
From the Desk of: Sean Kenyon – A Brief History & Cautionary Tale
Sherry: God Save The Fino
+++ A Brief History of Lemon Soda, Cheese + Brandy, Hungry Mutineer: Chilaquiles, Wine Steals: Rioja, and much, much, more…


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