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Kickstarter Spotlight: The Apothecary Bitters Company

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Here at Mutineer HQ, we are all about cheering on beverage entrepreneurs and their efforts to bring something new to the table. Kickstarter is a great resource for people to bring their ideas to life. The latest project to capture our attention is from The Apothecary Bitters Company out of Vancouver, Canada.

The Apothecary Bitters Company was co-founded by Cole Benoit, a brewer, chef, mixologist and an artist of various mediums, who wanted to create creative and delicious bitters that would be used to enhance cocktails. The result would be their five core bitters:

  • Spirit Fire, cherry cedar bitters
  • Mystic Caravan, smokey pear bitters
  • Tlalocan, Latin lime bitters
  • The Darkness, cacao coffee bitters
  • General Ambrose’s aromatic bitters, their unique take on a classic aromatic bitters

While they’ve already reached their goal of $4,500, they’re now working on stretch goals which will help fund a seasonal release program, a barrel aging program, and to increase their production for wider distribution.

To back this project, click here.


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