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Valentines Gift Guide


Every year grown ass men bring home stuffed animals and gas station roses to their beloved and expect a good time for their pathetic offerings. This year leave the crotchless panties at the gross store where you found them and show her you care in a way that she will actually like.

The Gift

A Good Book

The Exes In My iPod

This book is not your average chick lit. Author Lisa Mattson takes a humorous and gritty look at relationships in her book The Exes in My iPod. She goes through the mistakes and heartbreak that we all go through to get where we want to be in life and sets them to her own personal soundtrack. Mattson also brings wine into the story when she discovers her calling, making the reader incredibly thirsty. I recommend that you give your lady this gift with a bottle of Jordan Vineyard & Winery’s cabernet sauvignon, not only is it delicious but, Lisa Mattson is the Director of Communications there.

The book is available on Amazon in both digital and hard copy formats. Check it out, this gift will be an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Fine Whisky

Here is a little secret, if you are dating a woman who doesn’t enjoy good whisky than you might not be dating the right lady. More of us eschew Cosmos and Appletinis for smoke and peat than you might think. Give it a try, because there is nothing as sexy as curling up on the couch together for a drink of some serious fine beverage.

Laphroaig 10 Year

One of my favorites is Balvenie where they do a lot of exciting things with barrel finishing. I am a big fan of the Caribbean Cask, where the whisky is finished in rum casks.

Try something from Glenrothes, it isn’t something you can find everywhere and it is worth the hunt. Their 2001 vintage is the hot one right now, but I’d recommend going a little older and trying out something from 1987 or 1994.

Wanting something a bit more intense? Look to Laphroaig for their peat-driven whiskys. From the Islay area of Scotland, whisky from this small island is amongst the richest and most peaty of all Scotch. Look to Laphroaig 10 Year. This whisky is big. If Balvenie Caribbean Cask is a kiss goodnight, Laphroaig 10 Year is a punch in the mouth … in a good way.

Delicious Chocolate


Buying your lady chocolate on Valentine’s Day is totally cliché, but a cliché many women are happy to perpetuate. Just please, don’t buy one of those giant hearts filled with sub-par chocolate when a small amount of artisanal chocolate will taste so much better.

Valentine’s Day Bundle from Theo Chocolate in Seattle, Wa. The set comes with the incredibly delicious Cherry Baby and Cinnamon Love Crunch flavors.

Chocolove has flavors like raspberry, pretzel, and hazelnut to choose from. As an added bonus each bar comes with a poem inside, so you can skip on the overly sappy greeting card.

Ditch the Prix Fix Menu
Every year on February 14th mediocre to middle of the road restaurants around the country decide to pull together a special prix fix menu. Couples pour into the restaurants with high expectations only to find that the food sucks and rapid table turnover isn’t conducive to a long romantic meal. Unless you are going to do it up right and get the tasting menu at Redd or put in some real time to research, stay home. Invite your lady to dine on a meal that you cooked with your own two hands. Here are a few links that will help you look good for your special lady:

The Esquire Valentine’s Menu

NYT Steak Tutorial

Food & Wine’s Romantic Dinner For two


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