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Pernod Ricard Looks to Redefine Home Cocktail Experience


Pernod Ricard Gutenberg Project

Pernod Ricard, the brand responsible for bringing us iconic brands like Beefeater and Plymouth gins, Red Breast Irish Whiskey, Aberlour Whisky, Absolut, and more, has been looking into a way to redefine the home cocktail experience as we know it with their Project Gutenberg. They’re certainly getting close.

According to Pernod Ricard, “Project Gutenberg is revolutionising the “bar at home” concept. It will make way for a designer library, made up of “container books” each holding a sealed bottle of spirits, all connected to a service platform: from basic home delivery, automatically triggered according to the container level, to a whole range of tutorials about mixology (cocktail recipes, personalised offers, etc.) Project Gutenberg is redefining cocktail culture and turning it into a more accessible experience involving more expertise. Creating and inventing cocktails for friends becomes more intuitive and more entertaining.”

At first glance, you would think the folks at Apple had created this system, but it was conceived and developed by Pernod Ricard’s Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG), a Group-integrated start-up devoted to ground-breaking innovation. Users will order a selection of Pernod Ricard “container books,” which make up the bulk of the system. These look like individual cartridges containing full bottles of alcohol inside and with small taps that are all linked to an iPad. The iPad will control all of the container books and it will be responsible for pouring measures of alcohol, as well as ordering new container books, providing cocktail recipes and information, tutorials, showing fill levels of each unit, and more. Container books can be reordered right from the system for home delivery.

Will this actually come to market and be more than just a concept? Will it make it to the US? Will Pernod Ricard ever be able to sell Havana Club in the US?

Who knows, but we’ll be watching intently.

To watch the video of Project Gutenberg in action, click here.


  1. susan | Tuesday, February 18, 2014

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information and tutorials to make home cocktail bar.
    I will surely try these recipes at home.

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