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Kickstarter Spotlight: Standard Spoon


Standard Bar Spoon

Here at Mutineer HQ, we are all about cheering on beverage entrepreneurs and their efforts to bring something new to the table. Kickstarter is a great resource for people to bring their ideas to life. The latest project to capture our attention is from Standard Spoon out of San Diego, CA.

A spoon? Like, a bar spoon? Aren’t there already a million of those and haven’t they been around for centuries? Well, yes, they have. The Standard Spoon, however, is different. If you’ve properly stirred a Negroni, Manhattan, or a Martini, you’ll realize that the process of spinning the long-handlded spoon between your fingers isn’t particularly challenging, but it’s something that can be made more efficient … and that’s exactly what the Standard Spoon does. It achieves this by allowing the handle of the spoon and the body of the spoon to spin freely from each other, making stirring a cocktail as effortless as can be.

The spoons are beautifully designed and made of stainless steel, and best of yet, feature a no-questions-asked replacement policy, which will make it attractive to working bartenders.

With 15 days left to go in their Kickstarter campaign, they are currently at 49% of their $15,000 goal. Looking for a new bar spoon? Back their project and help bring their vision to life.


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