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Cocktail Kingdom Announces Cocktail Kingdom Logistics


Cocktail Kingdom Logistics

Cocktail Kingdom, the popular purveyor of custom and professional barware, has just announced the newest division of their company, Cocktail Kingdom Logistics. Having a corporate party? Is the spirit brand you represent holding a large event? Or are you just having a small party at your home? If you said yes to any of those, or are just throwing a party in general in the NYC area, Cocktail Kingdom Logistics can make your life easier.

With Cocktail Kingdom Logistics, professional-grade ice, fresh, strained juices, carefully crafted spirits, hand-cut garnishes, and unique glassware rentals are all just a phone call away.

They’ll squeeze the juices, cut the garnishes, prepare the herbs and syrups (Oleo Saccharum, honey, and eighteen others), whatever kind of glasses you need, and even provide frozen pineapple shells for tiki drinks. On top of that, they’ll deliver it to you for a flat fee of $50. According to their website, “Making daily deliveries, our focus is to augment the ideal cocktail experience through products and services oriented to bars, liquor brands and special events–think of us as your high-volume barback.”

Prices range from $5 for 0.5 gallon of simple syrup, to $10 for a 10lb. bag of special ice, to $30 for a 0.5 gallon of fresh pineapple juice, plus delivery fee; glassware rental is by unit and includes Leopold Coupes, Julep Cups, Absinthe and Tiki Glasses, and more.

For more information on Cocktail Kingdom Logistics, call 212-995.5001, or visit www.cocktaillogistics.com.

For a full list of what they’re offering, click here.


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