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Mutineer Magazine Issue 29 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue 29

Thirsty Mutineers,

Whether you’re into craft beer, cocktails, wine, or coffee, beverage culture continues to find new ways to amaze us. It’s an endless journey of new adventures, new experiences, new events, new products, and more, and just when you think you’ve reached the peak and it couldn’t get any better, you’ll meet a new friend that starts the whole cycle over again. Luckily we Mutineers keep finding new opportunities to meet new people and make new friends and every city, every event, and every story we write is like taking our first “ah ha!” epiphany sip over and over again. That one sip that made us fall in love with beverage culture in the first place. It can’t get any better than that and as always, we thank you for your steadfast support and accompanying us along on this adventure.

In this issue of Mutineer, we start in Old World Barolo before jumping to New World Buffalo. Along the way we check out three exciting events—Tales of the Cocktail, Bar Convent Berlin, and the Luxardo Cocktail Cup—before finally sitting down to chat with fellow beverage industry publisher Karen Foley. Food? Yes, there’s that too as we dive into a Sam Adams inspired Thanksgiving dinner in this issue’s Hungry Mutineer.

Beyond just having great writing, we are incredibly excited about the creative talents we are able to bring to life in this artistically driven issue. Talents like Dave Stolte, who created the illustration you see above. Like Andy Norsen, whose inspiring pho- tography adorns the cover of this issue and countless other pages. Like Irene Loomis, who left us speechless with her watercolors and illustrations on the Barolo story. Like Rachelle Hacmac, who beautifully shot this issue’s Mutineer Interview and couldn’t have captured it better. Like Phil Jimcosky, whose food photography in “It’s a Samuel Adams Thanksgiving” makes you want to eat the pages. And, last but not least, our very own Creative Director Julie Hadjinian, who is the glue that keeps these pages together.

This Thanksgiving, I know what I am thankful for.


Brian Kropf, Editor-in-Chief

The Winter 2014 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:


Get to know the woman behind Imbibe in this interview with Mutineer Liz Demakos


Travel to the Piemonte region of Italy and learn about Beni di Batasiolo and Barolo, the King of Wines.


Plagued by a reputation for blizzards and a bad football team, Buffalo, NY was once the brawny, belligerent epicenter of beverage mutiny in American history. From frozen grapes to German beer stock, we take a look at how this Rust Belt city is reclaiming its title as a destination for great drink.

The Winter issue also includes:

What People Drink: Simon Majumdar
What People Drink: Lil Bub
Beer Styles: American Wild Ale
Classic Cocktails: Irish Coffee
DIY: Grenadine
+++ A Brief History of the Soda Fountain, Bucheron Cheese, Sake Renegade: It’s Just a Big Misunderstanding!, Wine Steals: Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio, and much, much, more…


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