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Eat Like an Italian: Bistecca Fiorentina


Live Like an Italian

Most people don’t think about steak when it comes to Italian gastronomy.

In fact, the famous bistecca fiorentina — Florentine beefsteak — is one of Italy’s most celebrated dishes.

The cut of beef is the same as the U.S. porterhouse. The difference is that the “T-bone” of the fiorentina is always charred standing upright and then quickly grilled at high temperature on both sides — served religiously al sangue (bloody).

The only dressings used (if any) are extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt.

While huge Chianina breed cows are used in Tuscany and throughout Italy to make these over-sized T-bone cuts, nearly any breed of cow can be used (and you can simply ask for a porterhouse at your local butcher).

Of course, no dish cries out for wine like a bistecca fiorentina.

Mazzoni’s Rosso di Toscana — a Super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese and Merlot — is an ideal pairing: the bright fruit flavor of the Sangiovese and the richness and structure of the Merlot are perfect for the fatty, savory beef.

But Mazzoni’s Barbera from Piedmont, with its zinging acidity and freshness, also works well with this classic of Italian cuisine. Its refreshing character plays beautifully against the sea salt.

For more than three years, Mazzoni — a renowned producer of some of Tuscany’s most acclaimed wines — has blogged about the Italian way of life on LiveLikeAnItalian.com, sharing invaluable insights into how to live, love, eat, drink, cook, travel, speak, and celebrate like an Italian.

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