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America’s Oldest Veteran Drinks Whiskey and Smokes Cigars Every Day

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Mr- Overton 2013-08-07 15-58

Veteran’s Day is once again upon us and as a combat veteran of Iraq, this holiday certainly hits close to home for me. And, as a journalist covering the wide world of beverage, I love when these two worlds collide; and collide they do with a multitude of veterans now working in the beverage industry. And while that’s a great story in itself, that’s not what this is about. This is about one veteran in particular and one who is the oldest known veteran still alive.

How old? 107 years old. You can’t live that old without medicine and Richard Overton isn’t shy about it either, but it’s not the medicine you’d think. His medicine you ask? Whiskey. Just whiskey.

Overton takes whiskey with his morning coffee as well as the occasional pour of whiskey in the evening with some soda water. Daily cigars, of course, are thrown in there as well for prosperity.

When asked by Fox News about whiskey, Overton told them “Whiskey’s a good medicine. It keeps your muscles tender.”

At 107 years old and still driving a car and walking without a cane, who can argue with that?


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