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New Product Spotlight: Plantation Original Dark Rum


Plantation Original Dark Rum

Created by Alexandre Gabriel, the same guy who brought you Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, Citadelle Gin, and more comes the newest addition to their Plantation Rum range with Plantation Original Dark Rum.

Plantation Original Dark Rum is a blend of rums from Trinidad and Tobago and that is then double aged. It is first aged in its country of origin in heavily charred American oak barrels and then aged for a second time in medium-toasted Cognac Ferrand French oak barrels for 12 to 18 months.

“Plantation Original Dark is all about the true and rich rum taste that works so well in cocktails”, says Alexandre Gabriel. “This is a rum made like rum used to be made, when it was full of flavors. We handpick each barrel, one by one and we blend the rums according to the ancestral elevage technique that we use at Cognac Ferrand. Some people call this ancient touch the “rum funk”. In the old days it was called the ‘HOGO’ derived from the French ‘Haut Gout’ which means ‘High Taste’. I learned from an old cellar master that this is the way rum was blended in Europe in the 18th and 19th century.”

Plantation Original Dark Rum will be released late October, nationwide, with special focus in California, DC, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington and at a suggested retail price of $17.99 per 750ml bottle.


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