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Man Brews Beer in Belly


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Ever wish you could brew your own beer … in your stomach? Well, probably not and whether you think this is a blessing or a curse, for one Texas man this is a reality. A 61 year old man with a history of homebrewing was taken to an emergency room with complaints of dizziness and impaired balance. It was as if he was drunk … and he was. Doctors couldn’t figure it out as the man claimed to not have drunk anything that day, and yet a breathalyzer would reveal his blood alcohol content was nearly five times over the legal limit.

Doctors would eventually diagnose the man with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or “auto-brewery syndrome”, due to too much brewers yeast in his stomach. The yeast would quite literally ferment the starch, carbs, and sugars he would consume, turn them into alcohol, and he’d get drunk.

This certainly takes the term “beer belly” to a whole new meaning.


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