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Talking With Clint Rogers, 2012 Luxardo Cocktail Cup Champion


Clint Rogers

Photo by Anthony Tahlier

Mutineer caught up with the reigning Luxardo Cocktail Cup Champion, Chicago’s Clint Rogers, to talk about his experience during the cocktail competition’s inaugural year. Clint offers up some advice to competitors, and being that he will be a finals judge in San Francisco this year, it would be wise to heed it!

How did you hear about the Luxardo Cocktail Cup last year?
A fellow bartender and CAP at Tales of the Cocktail told me about it. I beat him. He doesn’t tell me about competitions anymore.

Where did your inspiration come from for your Goat Town Swizzle?
I really love Fernet in tiki drinks. Chicago and the Bucktown neighborhood are big Fernet enthusiasts. I am a big fan of Luxardo’s Fernet and really wanted to incorporate that into the beverage. Bucktown was named after goats (Male goats being bucks) and I carried the idea a little further by making an herbal ice which works well with the minty Fernet and is meant to invoke the idea of goat food…also known as grass.

What was your experience like with the 2012 Luxardo Cocktail Cup and how did it feel to be crowned the first Luxardo Cocktail Cup Champion?
I had a blast at the competition but by far the best part was meeting some new bartenders who I have remained close with.

Any advice for people submitting cocktails for the 2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup?
First, obviously make something delicious. Second, really think about how the cocktail can tell a story. Read those rules thoroughly…the judges do. You will win if you do.

Click here to enter the Luxardo Cocktail Cup.


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