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2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup Semi-Finalists Announced


2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup

Below are the Semi-Finalists of the 2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup. Over the next two and a half weeks our local market judges will travel to each Semi-Finalist’s bar to try their original Luxardo creation. They will ultimately decide on one cocktail to represent each market in San Francisco at the finals this October. It was painfully difficult reducing the many entries we received to what you see below and it will be even more difficult narrowing these down to just seven cocktails.

In the coming days we will post all of their recipes.

On behalf of Luxardo, Anchor Distilling, and Mutineer Magazine, thank you to all that entered and congrats to those mentioned below.


Name: Ann Maynard
Bar Name: Parkside

Name: Brian Floyd
Bar Name: drink.well.

Name: Jessica Sanders
Bar Name: drink.well.


Name: Naomi Levy
Bar Name: Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks

Name: Erick Smith
Bar Name: Mezcal Cantina

Name: David Delaney Jr
Bar Name: Citizen Public House


Name: Liz Pearce
Bar Name: The Drawing Room

Name: Julia Momose
Bar Name: The Aviary

Name: Stephanie Andrews
Bar Name: The Aviary


Name: Gregory Westcott
Bar Name: MB Post

Name: Naomi Schimek
Bar Name: The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Name: Brittini Rae
Bar Name: Goldie’s


Name: Pamela Wiznitzer
Bar Name: The Dead Rabbit

Name: KJ Williams
Bar Name: Flatiron Lounge

Name: Brian Matthys
Bar Name: Le Bernardin


Name: Michael Jack Pazdon
Bar Name: Goose & Gander

Name: Summer-Jane Bell
Bar Name: The New Easy

Name: Jamal Robinson
Bar Name: Town Hall

Name: Dominic Alling
Bar Name: Beretta

Name: Morgan Schick
Bar Name: Trick Dog


Name: Jim Romdall
Bar Name: Vessel

Name: Nik Virrey
Bar Name: Liberty Bar

Name: Pete Hanning
Bar Name: The Red Door


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