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2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup Seattle and SF Semi-Finalist Recipes


2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup

Below are the cocktail recipes of San Francisco’s and Seattle’s semi-finalists for the 2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup.


Name: Summer-Jane Bell
Bar Name: The New Easy, Oakland

Cocktail Name: The Jewel of Oakland

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
The name of my cocktail is inspired by Lake Merritt, a tidal lagoon which sits proudly in the center of my city and is sometimes referred to as the Jewel of Oakland. My bar, The New Easy, is on Lakeshore Drive and the buzz and hum of our neighborhood life and culture happens around the lake. The cocktail contains a mix of diverse and bold flavors with bitter balancing sweet, much like life in Oakland, one of the most diverse cities in the country. I decided to use my new favorite bar toy, a smoking gun, to add another layer of complexity and reference the frequent activism and riot activity Oakland experiences as well as our nationally notable “Oaksterdam” fame. The passion tea leaves in the smoking gun impart a lovely nose and sweet smoky flavor and symbolize the artists of all stripes that thrive in Oakland and make the scene so unique. I hope you enjoy Oakland in a glass courtesy of 3 amazing Luxardo products and a little Nikka Japanese Whisky.

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz Luxardo Aperitivo
.5 oz Luxardo Amaro Abano
.5 oz Luxardo Apricot Liqueur
1 oz Nikka Taketsuru 12 Whisky
Passion tea leaves for smoking

Preparation Instructions:
Add ingredients to a mixing glass with ice and stir to chill.
Strain the cocktail into a snifter.
Place a pinch of passion tea in the smoking gun.
Insert the tube into the top of the snifter and cover the top of the glass with a napkin.
Turn on and light the machine to add a small amount of passion tea smoke to enter the glass and infuse its flavor.
Serve to the guest and lift the napkin in front of their eyes as a delightful puff of smoke emanates from the snifter as a visual garnish.


Name: Michael Jack Pazdon
Bar Name: Goose & Gander

Cocktail Name: Ports North Fogcutter Cup

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
A brief description? Where do I begin? Well, maybe with drink this, it’s delicious. But beyond that, the inspiration for this drink is tripartite: 1: The Italian aperativo tradition of low alcohol cocktails that issue in the liminal stage between work life and dinner (this is a twist on a fog cutter [see # 2], but with products that are generally used as modifiers subbed in for base spirits), and the rich tradition of beautiful bitter liqueur production for which Luxardo is a poster representative. 2: The tradition of Tiki that was born in the state of CA… the fogcutter was invented by Trader Vic in Oakland, and this is a riff off of that, with the rum and orange subbed out for Luxardo Aperativo and Napa Valley Muscat, and the brandy subbed out for apricot liqueur, with the addition of cinnamon tincture for a bridge. 3: What it must have felt like to be an immigrant on the docks of Bay Area ports, with products from around the world around you, moving inland and north to forge history.

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz Luxardo Aperativo
.5 oz luxardo apricot
1 oz Napa Valley moscato late harvest (Mondavi Moscato d’Oro)
1 oz dry amontillado sherry
.75 oz lemon juice
.5 oz Junipero Gin
.5 oz House Orgeat
15 microdrops cinnamon tincture

garnish: mint, luxardo cherries, cinnamon tincture, nutmeg, flowers in season

for cinnamon tincture: crush 24 inches of cassia, infuse in overproof rum for 2 weeks, shaking every day, fine strain.

For orgeat: grind 1 qt of whole blanched almonds, combine with 2 qt water, let sit for 2 hours, press through a chinois.  recombine and repeat process 3 times.  on final strain, discard solids and bring 1 part liquid to a boil with 1.5 parts white sugar.  let cool, and then add 0.75 oz orange blossom water and 1 barspoon bitter almond extract to each qt of syrup

Preparation Instructions:
put all liquid ingredients in a mixing tin, shake with a half shaker full of ice, strain into a serving vessel, top with hand-crushed ice, top with mint, flowers and fresh nutmeg


Name: Jamal Robinson
Bar Name: Town Hall

Cocktail Name: Road Less Traveled…

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
Taken from the Robert Frost poem, it’s meant to evoke a sense of wonder. I imagine wooded forest at dusk with a notepad and my ideas, searching for new thoughts, the possibility of some higher expression. I saw colors, the woods, the red, orange, a rich coffee brown. It’s a fall-winter drink. The base of a good cognac for body-a certain sultry element as is how I tend to view brandy/cognac. Then, a nice Amaro, Aperativo and Apricot. With that you’re adding an earthy-richer spice with a bright slightly bitter and beautifully colored aperativo, then it rounds with luscious apricot. It blends for a nice balanced sip. The surprise comes from the limoncello foam with the fernet mist. You first smell the citrus and herb on the foam, so a bright citrus and an herbaceous savory element to entice the appetite and follow through with a graciously bodied and slightly sweet sip.

Cocktail Ingredients:
1.5 oz H by Hine VSOP Cognac
.50 oz  Luxardo Amaro Abano
.50 oz  Luxardo Aperitivo
.50 oz  Luxardo Apricot Liqueur
Luxardo Limoncello Foam
Luxardo Fernet Amaro Mist

6 oz Limoncello
4 oz Egg Whites
1 oz Lemon Juice
4 oz Water

Add to iSi whip canister; charge once with CO2 cartridge then let sit in the refrigerator for at least two hours.

Mist: Just add fernet amaro to a mister to spray

Preparation Instructions:
Add all ingredients, sans foam and fernet amaro mist, into a mixing glass. Add ice, then stir until chilled. In your cocktail glass add your foam to a good thickness (about 1-2 inches of foam). Pour your cocktail in a slow stream directly in the middle of the foam. Once done, fill in the hole with foam. Next, spray the fernet amaro over the drink (may be in a stream to one side of the drink). Enjoy!


Name: Morgan Schick
Bar Name: Trick Dog

Cocktail Name: La Torre Sling

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
The name is from a hotel in Torreglia. The drink is roughly inspired by a Singapore Sling, and is evocative of the Charles Baker days and so felt like it should be named for a hotel.

Cocktail Ingredients:
.75 oz No. 3 Gin
.75 oz English Harbour Rum 10 year
1 oz Amontillado sherry
.25 oz Luxardo Sangue Morlacco
.25 oz Luxardo Amaro Abano
.25 oz Luxardo Apricot Liqueur
.75 oz pineapple juice
.75 oz lime juice
.25 oz ginger syrup*
1 dash Angostura bitters

Preparation Instructions:
Shake all ingredients and strain into Zombie glass. Fill with crushed ice. Garnish with Luxardo cherries, pineapple leaf, lime wheel, etc. Serve with straws. Smile.

*Ginger syrup: Combine 1 quart water with 6 lbs organic sugar. Heat till incorporated. Add 1 lb finely chopped ginger. Let simmer until ginger is fully candied. Add another 1/2 lb ginger and let sit covered for two hours. Strain.


Name: Dominic Alling
Bar Name: Beretta

Cocktail Name: Winter’s Night

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
A few weeks ago I had the best S’more of my life while drinking Luxardo Amaro. This cocktail is an elevated version of that culinary moment.

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz Luxardo Amaro Abano
.25 oz Luxardo Fernet Amaro
.25 oz Angioletto Hazelnut Liqueur
.5 oz lemon
.5 oz gomme syrup
float of Anchor California lager
flamed marshmallow tinture

Preparation Instructions:
Measure and pour the amaro, fernet, hazelnut, lemon and gomme into a shaker. Fill with ice and shake for approximately 10 – 12 seconds. Flame the marshmallow tincutre into a bucket glass and fill with ice. Strain the contents of shaker into the bucket. Float 1 oz anchor california lager to finish.

To make marshmallow tincture: Soak a bag of marshmallows in a high proof (over 90) neutral grain spirit for 6 hours (or more to taste) strain and keep refrigerated.


Name: Nik Virrey
Bar Name: Liberty Bar

Cocktail Name: The Bittered Valley

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
The name is a homage to 1) a specific attribute of the primary ingredients and 2) help explain the context of taste modulation which is what this cocktail was intended for.
Referring to reason 1) Barsol Quebranta Pisco is made in one of the oldest distilleries from the Ica Valley in Peru in small batches to bottle-proof with no additions of water or other favors. Served neat it is a beautiful thing with notes of pear and other ripe stone fruits with a distant buttery body and delicate citrus notes. This is truly something lovely produced in the Ica Valley. The second primary ingredient is Luxardo Amaro Abano which is the bridge between the Barsol and the final primary ingredient, Luxardo Fernet Amaro.

The continuity of cocktail name and ingredients are preceded by the presentation and method.
The drink is an experiment of taste modulation.

The final primary ingredient is actually the initial component with the addition of 4 drops of acid phosphate.
This is served by itself as a palate primer. This is the combination of sweet and acid to cause your mouth to demand bitterness and salt.
The second is the largest component of the deconstructed cocktail which is Barsol/Luxardo Amaro Abano/Luxardo Fernet/3 dash Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters/ a small
Pinch of Sea Salt fresh ground.

This second part of the cocktail also explicates taste modulation with bitter-forward components and salt reacting strongly with the aforementioned sweet/acid assembly.

The name ‘The Bittered Valley’ is lastly very fitting because the experience the palate goes through.
The initial taste is at the top of the theoretical flavor mountain as ‘sweet’ descending toward ‘acid’ and finally arriving and ‘salt/bitter’ once at the bottom of the Bittered valley.

I enjoy because of how fun and educational te idea can be in an actual bar context.
I’ve created the drink for a few of my guests and the experience was great!

(The reason I incorporated Scrappy’s bitters is because it is a reminder that this drink originated in Seattle, and I think that is fitting the context of this regional competition)

Cocktail Ingredients:
1st glass:
small shot glass with 1/8oz Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and 4 drops of acid phosp.

2nd glass:
in a Nick and Nora.
2oz Barsol Quebranta Pisco
.75 Luxardo Amaro Abano
.25 Luxardo Fernet
3 dashes Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters
-garnish is a lemon peel Wrapped around a Luxardo Cherry a pierced with a small pick.

There is a secondary small lemon peel to release more essential oils on to the top of the drink.

Preparation Instructions:
Prepare the first glass of Maraschino and acid phosphate in small aesthetically pleasing glass and hand to judge to have a full sip a let coat entire palate when the bartender gives the ok.

(This is to be done as the bartender is creating the beverage.)

The second drink is made by adding all remaining ingredients to a mixing glass.
Do not add ice.

Prepare garnish which takes roughly 30 seconds to properly create. Garnish with long lemon peel that has been cut by a knife to make a nice clean edge on all four sides of the peel. One edge of the peel make 7 cuts to flair an edge. Wrap this around a Luxardo cherry. Pierce both with nice pick ad set in Nick & Nora.

Add ice to mixing glass and stir to proper taste temperature/dilution ration depending type of ice used and vigor of stirring.

Now instruct judge to have the 1st part of the beverage containing the maraschino and acid.

Use Hawthorne strainer and strain beverage over the garnish placed in the glass.

Give to judges to complete the taste modulation.

Thank the judges for their time.

Make sure to smile! This is fun.


Name: Pete Hanning
Bar Name: The Red Door

Cocktail Name: The Coastal Highway Martini

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
This is a complex cocktail encompassing flavors found along the pacific coast. From the hops fields of  Washington’s Yakima valley and the lush rhubarb found on it’s western shore to the fresh apricots & oranges of sunny California and with a dash of black licorice that you find sold on the sandy boardwalks of the Oregon coast that lie in between.

Cocktail Ingredients:
.33 of an once of Luxardo Passione Nera
.75 of on once of Luxardo Albicocca (Apricot) liqueur
1.25 once of Anchor Distilling Hophead Vodka
Squeez 1/4 of a fresh Orange
3 dashes of Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters
1 dried apricot stuffed with Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue Cheese

Preparation Instructions:
In a chilled martini glass rinse the inside with the .33 oz. of Luxardo Passione Nera. Next place the stuffed apricot in the bottom the glass. Combine the .75 oz. of Luxardo Albicocca with the 1.25 oz. of Anchor Distilling Hophead Vodka, the 3 dashes of Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitter and a strong squeeze of the 1/4 wedge of fresh orange in a cocktail tin over ice and stir slowly so as not to bruise the drink. Strain the contents into the glass and now you have…The Coastal Highway Martini.


Name: Jim Romdall
Bar Name: Vessel

Cocktail Name: Frequent Flyer
Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
I love the Luxardo apricot and how it mixes with malt whisky.  The Calvados is to provide another backbone to the cocktail so the malt doesn’t dominate, while adding another fruit element to highlight the apricot.  The Amer brings in a bitter complexity to balance the cocktail.  The name is simple, it’s a cocktail where if you were to go get all the ingredients at their origins, you would rack up a lot of miles!

Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz Nikka 12yr Pure Malt
.75 oz Luxardo apricot
.75 oz Christian Drouin Calvados
.25 oz Bigallet China-China Amer

Preparation Instructions:
Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into cocktail glass
Garnish with orange twist


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