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2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup Austin Semi-Finalist Recipes


2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup

Below are the cocktail recipes of Austin’s semi-finalists for the 2013 Luxardo Cocktail Cup.

Name: Ann Maynard
Bar Name: Parkside

Cocktail Name: Il Piacere

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
Named for Gabriele D’Annunzio’s first novel (as it was D’Annunzio who gave Sangue Morlacco its name) and an ode to the sensuous decadence for which his writing is renowned. Rich cherry and hazelnut flavors meld with the subtle smoke of 5yo English Harbour rum. Chamomile and citrus enliven and balance. Maraschino adds a certain je ne sais quois (a trait shared with most muses of the Decadent movement) while egg white adds a luscious mouthfeel (an essential component of any decadent movement, if you ask me).

Cocktail Ingredients:
1.5 oz. Rum (English Harbour 5yo)
.5 oz. Luxardo Angioletto Hazelnut Liqueur
.5 oz. Luxardo Sangue Morlacco Cherry Shrub
.5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
.25 oz. Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
Egg White
Bittermens Boston Bittahs (Chamomile/Citrus)

Preparation Instructions:
Dry shake all ingredients–except for the bitters. Add ice and shake again. Double strain into cocktail glass. Add 3-4 drops of bitters. Garnish with a speared Luxardo cherry.

To Prepare Sangue Morlacco Cherry Shrub:

2 Cups Fresh Cherries
1 1/2 cups Coconut Sugar
1 1/4 cups Luxardo Sangue Morlacco Cherry Liqueur
1 1/4 cups Apple Cider Vinegar

Pit and halve cherries. Macerate cherries in coconut sugar for 24 hours. Add Luxardo Sangue Morlacco and apple cider vinegar and store in an airtight container for a week. Strain.


Name: Brian Floyd
Bar Name: drink.well.

Cocktail Name: The Upside Cocktail

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
It’s a bright, easy sipper. This is a mid-afternoon breakfast drink. A deck drink.A sidewalk cafe drink. A low-octane one at that. This ain’t a drink you drink alone, this is a social drink (that you could drink a lot of).  

The Downside Cocktail is something else entirely.

Cocktail Ingredients:
1.5 ounces Luxardo Aperitivo
2 ounces fresh OJ
1 barspoon Luxardo Anise Forte
1 barspoon Luxardo Bitter
1 pinch milk powder

Preparation Instructions:
Give a hard dry shake to the Aperitivo, OJ, Anise Forte and milk powder to properly mix. Serve in a double old fashioned glass with crushed ice and drizzle the barspoon of Luxardo Bitter on top.  No other garnish is necessary.

(If milk powder isn’t available, a barspoon of heavy cream works just fine)


Name: Jessica Sanders
Bar Name: drink.well.

Cocktail Name: Brama Noche (translation: Lustful Night)

Explanation of cocktail name and concept:
The ‘Brama Noche’ is a rich, sultry cocktail crafted to inspire feelings of lust and longing that often stir our soul in the darkest hours of night. I am most attracted to amaros that have a warmer, slightly sweeter profile and the Luxardo Amaro Abano certainly showcases those qualities. The heady notes of dark chocolate, bitter orange and cardamom are blended with the Hine VSOP Cognac – a spirit whose rich vanilla and heady floral notes are well-suited to the Luxardo Amaro Abano. To amplifying the flavors (and better integrate the liqueur and spirt), I’ve added a house-made chai tea syrup that contains cacao nibs, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and ginger. To keep the cocktail from being overly cloying, I am adding a 2:1 ratio of coffee and orange bitters.  Rinsing the glass in the beautiful anise-based Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesare adds a bold and bright aromatic component to the cocktail that perfectly complements the coffee, chocolate and rich cardamom notes found in the blend of ingredients.

Cocktail Ingredients:
1.5 oz Luxardo Amaro Abano
1.5 oz Hine VSOP Cognac
2 Barspoons Cacao-Chai Tea Syrup*
2 Dashes Bittermen’s New Orleans Coffee Bitters
1 Dash Regan’s Orange Bitters
Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari Rinse

To make the Cacao-Chai Tea Syrup:

1 oz (by weight) Cacao-Chai Tea (Black Assam Tea leaves, coriander, cinnamon bark, vanilla and dried orange peels)
2 cups Turbinado Sugar
2 cups Filtered Water
Combine the sugar and water over medium heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add tea, remove from heat and cover with a tight fitting lid. Allow to steep for 15-20 minutes. Fine strain into clean, glass bottles.

Preparation Instructions:
First, mist or rinse a chilled cocktail coupe with the Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari. Next, in a mixing glass, combine the Amaro Abano, Hine VSOP coganc, cacao-chai syrup and bitters with ice. Stir until the cocktail is chilled and properly diluted. Strain into your misted glass.

Garnish with a cocktail skewer of twisted orange peel and a star anise pod.


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