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TOTC Wrap Up: Aperitivo Italiano


(L to R) Alejandra Pena, Luca Cordiglieri, William Perbellini, Jacopo Falleni, Francesco Lafranconi, Francesco Turro, Davide Perbellini, Mauro Mahjoub, Roberto Bava, Antonio Guarda, Matteo Luxardo, Orietta Maria, Varnelli, Leonardo Vena, Pasquale Provinzano, Rosistella Provinzano, Pasquale Vena

If you missed out on the Spirit of Italy’s lively “Aperitivo Italiano” happy hour at Tales of the Cocktail, you can be assured that it was an event to remember. Italy’s premier bartenders wowed the crowd as they crafted delicious cocktails using exciting Italian aperitifs, liqueurs, and amari. The iconic Italian brands featured in these cocktails were Amaro Lucano, Cocchi, Luxardo, Moccia, Nardini, Pallini, Toschi, and Varnelli. Each bartender crafted their own sensational cocktail showcasing the versatility and mixability of each of these fine brands.

20130717_mutineer-300 The atmosphere in the Fleur de Lis suite at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans was electric with the aperitif-style cocktails enriched by the Venetian Carnevale spirit. The experience was rounded out with live Italian music, aperitif themed bites, and to top it off guests were offered handmade masks from Venice, Italy.

Hundreds of thirsty Tales of the Cocktail attendees stopped by the suite during the hour and a half event to learn about the brands and to try the seven cocktails being offered.

The evening was a huge success with The Spirit of Italy making their mark on Tales goers with Italian-style reverie and delicious aperitivo.

If you are interested in trying some of the cocktails featured at Aperitivo Italiano, you can view the cocktail recipe booklet here.


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