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Aperitivo Italiano Cocktail Spotlight: Royal Fizzbov


Our last cocktail in our series highlighting cocktails featured at Spirit of Italy’s Aperitivo Italiano is the Royal Fizzbov featuring Zabov Liqueur, an incredibly unique liqueur made with sugar, fresh milk, fresh eggs and Italian brandy. Add this to some gin, key lime mix, Prosecco and ginger beer and you have yourself a Royal Fizzbov.


Try this cocktail and the rest we’ve featured today at Aperitivo Italiano at Tales of the Cocktail.

Royal Fizzbov
3⁄4 oz. (22ml) Zabov Liqueur
1 1⁄2 oz. (45ml) Gin
1 oz. (30ml) Key Lime Mix (lime juice/condensed milk 1:2)
Fill up with Prosecco and Ginger Beer (2:1)

Method: Shake first four ingredients with ice then strain into a Fizz tumbler and fill up with sparkling wine and ginger beer.

Garnish: Crystallized ginger and Luxardo cocktail cherry.

Glass: Fizz tumbler.


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