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Portland Cocktail Week’s Portland Bartender Institute Class of 2013 Now Accepting Applications


Portland Cocktail Week


Portland Cocktail Week is on the horizon and applications for the Portland Bartender Institute Class of 2013 are now being accepted.

What is the Portland Bartender Institute? Portland Cocktail Week has an emphasis on education and they have developed three educational tracks for bartenders interested in attending Portland Cocktail Week. Yes, there will be booze and there will be fun, but it’s not all about partying. Those accepted into the Boarding School are required to attend all Portland Cocktail Week activities including assigned classes and events throughout the week.

These tracks are:

Portland Bartender Institute Boarding School Student (110 Spots)

-Full Room and Board at the Jupiter Hotel
-Passes to all education and events throughout the week
-Mandatory Attendance at Selected Courses
-Mandatory Volunteer Shifts (no more than 3 throughout the week)

Portland Bartender Institute Student (140 Spots)

-Passes to all education and events throughout the week
-Mandatory Attendance at Selected Courses

Portland Cocktail Week Attendee (300 spots)

-Passes to all events
-Waiting list for all educational sessions

While applying, please indicate which track you are most interested in pursuing. Also, if you wish to pursue an educational endeavor at the Portland Bartender Institute, you will be asked to select a Major from the following list:

Advanced Craft Cocktail Bartending

Beyond the Bar

Bar Ownership

Product Development

Click here to apply.

Each applicant is evaluated based on their community involvement, achievement behind the bar and the thoughtful execution of this application. So, take your time and answer to the best of your abilities. Applications must be submitted by July 25.


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