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New Product Spotlight: Crafthouse Cocktails


Crafthouse Cocktails

From the minds of people like Charly Joly, the James Beard Award winning mixologist and Beverage Director of Chicago’s Aviary, comes Crafthouse Cocktails. Crafthouse redefines the ready-to-drink category which has been dominated by brands like Jose Cuervo and Skinnygirl, that leave little to be desired beyond convenience and huge marketing budgets.

Instead, Crafthouse Cocktails focuses on quality, using fresh ingredients and premium spirits to make the best cocktail possible. They, too, are convenient. Just pour over ice and garnish the cocktails as you see fit. And if you do happen to care about “skinny” cocktails, a serving of their Moscow Mule only has 122 calories.

What’s in them, you ask? No food coloring, corn syrup, “tequila flavorings”, or preservatives, if you were curious. The ingredients are really quite simple; everything that belongs in the cocktail and nothing that doesn’t.

Moscow Mule
Vodka, ginger beer, pure cane sugar and lime.

Tequila, grapefruit soda, agave nectar and lime

Premium gin, mint, pure sugar cane and lime.

Look for Crafthouse Cocktails in Chicago starting mid-July.


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