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anCnoc Single Malt Scotch Whisky Announces Peter Arkle Limited Edition Series “Bricks”


anCnoc Bricks

anCnoc (pronounced “a-nok”) has recently announced the release the the third offering in their Peter Arkle Limited Edition Series. The series is in collaboration with Peter Arkle, an illustrator who is an avid fan of whisky. For each offering, AnCnoc will make a limited edition whisky limited to just 1,000 cases and Peter Arkle will illustrate the packaging with something that inspired him during the process or from the distillery.

With anCnoc “Bricks”, it was the distillery’s history itself that inspired him. Peter Arkle explains, “I have loved working with anCnoc and am very proud of our latest limited edition. The distillery at Knockdhu is such a great place and I had a fantastic time visiting there. This particular illustration for me really shows the heart and history behind the distinguished taste of the brand.” The name Bricks and correlating artwork was inspired by the brick walls of anCnoc’s Knockdhu Distillery, which first opened in 1894.

anCnoc “Bricks” is limited to just 1,000 cases beginning July 1 and according to Distillery Manager Gordon Bruce, “Bricks” has signature honey and lemon notes with a spicy taste of citrus, sherry and dark chocolate.


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