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Something to Check Out: Cocktail Challenge App


Cocktail Challenge App

Looking to kill some time during class? Increase your cocktail knowledge? Challenge yourself or friends? Then you should look into the Cocktail Challenge app. Currently only available for iPhone, the app is free and it challenges you with trivia questions in multiple categories from cocktails to gin to rum to cocktails in TV & film and more. The app is free for several levels, but you have to pay to unlock all of the levels and while some may be easy (or easier), some are definitely very difficult.

As the creators are from the UK, measurements are in milliliters but can be toggled to ounces. If the game wasn’t enough, the app also includes recipes for all of our favorite cocktails.

Definitely an app worth checking out.

For more information on the app, visit the Gin Monkey website or the iTunes website.

To download, search for Cocktail Challenge in the App Store on your iPhone.

Cocktail Challenge App Cocktail Challenge App

Cocktail Challenge App Cocktail Challenge App


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