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Beverage Kickstarter Spotlight: Strip and Go Bare


As of August 4, Strip and Go Bare has yet to fulfill their obligations with their Kickstarter backers.

Here at Mutineer HQ, we like to encourage beverage entrepreneurs and their efforts to bring something new to the beverage industry. Kickstarter is a great resource for these people to bring their ideas to life. One project we are particularly stoked about is the Strip and Go Bare project.

Ben Keys and Emily Gu liked to make delicious homemade cocktails and were inspired to create Strip and Go Bare bottled cocktails with encouragement from friends. Their bottled cocktails are gluten-free, organic, and are made simply from vodka, water, and citrus juices. They need help upgrading their equipment in order to launch their brand this year. Check out their project and help bring Strip and Go Bare to the market.


  1. Maggie | Friday, August 1, 2014

    FYI, they never fulfilled their kickstarter rewards.

  2. Brian Kropf | Monday, August 11, 2014

    That’s very unfortunate. We’ve asked them the status of their rewards fulfillment and updated the post accordingly.

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