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Scott Tavenner of Savino – Spotlight on a Drink Careers 101 Project Advisory Board Member


Scott Tavenner creator of the Savino wine saver system.

Today we are pleased to highlight Drink Careers 101 Project Advisory Board Member Scott Tavenner of Savino.

Scott Tavenner and Savino first caught the attention of Mutineer President Alan Kropf at the SF Vintners market. But, where he really had us captivated was on his wildly successful Kickstarter project for the Savino wine saving system. He has brought an idea to the table that is as elegant as it is innovative. Scott has diverse business experience, and brings an amalgam of experiences to the table.

What career were you in before you created the Savino wine preservation system?

I am a Californian native whose interest in building businesses is only met by my passion for food and wine. Before launching Savino, I spent more than 20 years creating and building companies focused on health care, IT and internet advertising in the innovative Silicon Valley.

Why did you create Savino?

Fifteen years ago, I opened our refrigerator to find a glass of wine sitting on the top shelf. When I asked my wife why she put a glass of wine in the refrigerator she responded, “I wanted to preserve it for later.” And so, began my journey to bring her Savino.

What experience in your past career or education helped you in the development of Savino?

My serial-entrepreneur background has taught me two clear things about starting any company – you need both passion for what you are doing and you need to create a great consumer experience. My passion for food and wine started during my childhood in Sonoma County and I still love sharing great food and wine with friends and family and Savino was designed to create a wonderful consumer experience. From our very first design meeting we set out to create a product that was effective, elegant and easy-to-use, and we succeeded. Education is also hugely important; I earned both a BS and MBA studying Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Finance at the University of Southern California.

What has been the reception for Savino by the wine industry?

Savino is the single most popular wine-related project in Kickstarter’s history, with more than 1,300 backers supporting us and consumers have continued to support Savino after Kickstarter allowing us to generate over 2000 pre-orders. In addition to a strong consumer response, many people from the wine industry recognize the value of Savino. To date, every consumer wine preservation product has fallen short – either it doesn’t work (now, not naming names here), it costs too much, is inelegant or it isn’t easy to use. We are very excited to be offering Savino, which we believe is the best product that can be produced to both serve and preserve wine, to everyone.

When will Savino be available to the general public?

Savinos will be available for purchase on our website at www.savinowine.com the week of March 25, 2013 – but you can also pre-order yours now!

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