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Mutineer Magazine Launches Phase One of “Drink Careers 101: How To Get a Job in the Beverage Industry”


Drink Careers 101

Mutineer Readers,

Since the beginning it has been our mission to change the way you look at the beverage landscape. Rather than telling you what you should be drinking, or subjecting you to page after page of tasting notes and 100 point scores, we wanted to share with you the beverages that got us excited and to empower you to form your own conclusions and seek out beverage related experiences. We have thought outside the box and always done things a little bit differently, holding true to our namesake of being a Mutineer. Now, we are proud to continue this tradition as we share with you a call to arms to Mutineer Magazine’s newest project, a project that can’t be done without your support: Drink Careers 101 – How to Get a Job in the Beverage Industry.

Times are tough across the United States. People are having a hard time finding jobs, especially recent college graduates. Yet despite the economic condition of the United States, the beverage industry is soaring to unimaginable heights. But how do people end up in the beverage industry? How do they end up behind the stick shaking up a Last Word cocktail, in the brewhouse calculating mash volumes, or working as an importer to bring the coolest new liqueur into the US from Italy? Often times it’s simply left to chance or by accident, or from a friend or acquaintance who is involved in the beverage industry. We want to make this information more accessible and to help inform people of the opportunities available to them in the beverage industry.

To make this a reality, we are doing a Kickstarter project to crowdsource the revenue required for such a project. This will help us raise the funds required to create the Drink Careers 101 Guide, which will cover all the jobs in the beverage industry, interviews with leaders in the industry, and create a “101” type book on what types of jobs are available. The Drink Careers 101 Guide will also have interviews from some of the top professionals within their industry segments.

To help guide us on our ambitious project is an extensive list of advisory members from every sector of the beverage industry. But you’re probably wondering how can you help, right? Our Kickstarter project needs the support of people like you to make this project a reality. No contribution is too small and for all of us in the beverage industry, it’s a wonderful way to pay it forward to the future of our industry. In the industry and want to help as your brand? There are pledge levels designed specifically for beverage brands that have deliverables catered to you.

For more information or to contribute to the Drink Careers 101 Guide, visit our Kickstarter page. For even more information, check out the project’s press release. Still have a question? Email erinj@mutineermagazine.com.

Thanks for your support,

Team Mutineer

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