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VIDEO: Mutineer President Alan Kropf Speaks at TEDx

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Mutineer was honored to be asked by TEDx Napa Valley to speak at the recent conference, held at the Napa Valley Opera House in downtown Napa on December 2. Alan took the opportunity to explore the concept of cultural characters inspired by his work with Mutineer Magazine. For more information, check out this previous post on the Mutineer Blog about TEDx Napa Valley, and big thanks to all of the event organizers and sponsors.


  1. John Capone | Thursday, January 3, 2013

    I think the Wolf best points out the essential fallacy of your conflating of those two meanings of the word character.

    “Just because you are a character does not mean you have character.”

    Indeed you are right that the good doctor had ample amounts of both, a terrifically difficult feat to pull off.

    And while you made some nice points about the point system, the ability to convince people to drink bad beer or wine through storytelling should not be confused with having character.

    Sideways, for as effective as it was in getting people to drink pinot noir and not merlot, can be a lesson in the power of story, but it also famously had horribly deleterious affects on wine production that were felt for years after, because its reach was entirely superficial.

  2. Alan Kropf | Thursday, January 3, 2013

    The Wolf is amazing, and his gentleman’s wisdom is always inspiring. Makes me hungry for breakfast.

    I think you have some great points. I think characters and storytelling go hand in hand, and while wine culture is full of characters, they exist in a very small niche and don’t resonate with mainstream culture the way, say, food characters do. What Sideways accomplished isn’t the answer, but I believe it’s a piece of the puzzle.

  3. Yashar Shayan | Friday, January 4, 2013

    No way!!! You’re at the big time!

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