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Luxardo Liqueurs: More Than Maraschino, Featuring Francesco Lafranconi and the Morlacco Julep


Filmed and produced by our friends at Small Screen Network on location at Anchor Distilling Company, Luxardo Liqueurs: More Than Maraschino featuring Francesco Lafranconi discusses Luxardo Cherry “Sangue Morlacco” Liqueur and teaches you how to make the Morlacco Julep.

In the area around Padua, Italy, where Luxardo produces its liqueurs and confectionary products, over 22,000 cherry trees line the hillsides. It is from these trees that the famous Luxardo Maraschino Cherries are harvested and the Luxardo Cherry “Sangue Morlacco” Liqueur is made.

As in all products of quality, there is a deep history behind Luxardo Liqueurs. In the case of the Cherry Morlacco Liqueur, the product takes its name from the color of the blood spilled by the famed Morlacco Troops who fought against the Turkish invasion in the late 1700s.

Not only do Luxardo Maraschino Cherries enhance any cocktail, along with their cousin, the Luxardo Cherry Morlacco Liqueur, they provide you with a great story to tell.


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