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Luxardo Liqueurs: More Than Maraschino, Featuring Francesco Lafranconi and the Lady Whisper Cocktail


Filmed and produced by our friends at Small Screen Network on location at Anchor Distilling Company, Luxardo Liqueurs: More Than Maraschino featuring Francesco Lafranconi discusses Luxardo Apricot Liqueur and teaches you how to make the Lady Whisper Cocktail.

Luxardo Apricot Liqueur won first prize during a competition for a new, innovative Italian liqueur, held in Rome in 1935. This is why the label states “Liquore della Lupa”, Lupa being the female of the wolf and the symbol of Rome. In the Lady Whisper Cocktail, the liqueur provides a well rounded and sweet flavor and a persistent fragrance that combines well with the richness of the rum and rye whiskey.


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