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Johnnie Walker to Release The Spice Road


Johnnie Walker Launches The Spice Road

Johnnie Walker was a traveling man and paying homage to him and his family, Johnnie Walker is releasing the Explorers’ Club Collection beginning with The Spice Road. According to the press release, “From 1820, the Walker family and their agents travelled the world, navigating their way down the famous trade routes: the Spice Road of Europe and Asia; the Royal Route from Europe to Persia; and the Gold Route of the Americas and the Caribbean, in pursuit of adventures bringing both new business and rich experiences.

Their efforts ensured that, by the 1920s, Johnnie Walker had arrived in 120 countries and was being enjoyed on the great railways, luxury ocean liners and early transatlantic flights. Meanwhile, the striking image of the Johnnie Walker Striding Man was becoming an icon all over the world.”

In honor of the Johnnie Walker family and to those who travel today, The Spice Road will be available in duty free stores in Europe, the Middle East and Australia in December. It will be available in duty free stores globally from January 2013 with a recommended retail price of $43.

The second and third releases in the Trade Routes Series – Johnnie Walker The Gold Route and Johnnie Walker The Royal Route will be available in duty free stores in 2013.

About The Spice Road:

“The first release, Johnnie Walker The Spice Road is an evocative expression of the vibrancy, aromas and spices that the Johnnie Walker agents would have discovered in the thriving markets around Asia. It is a whisky of exceptional smoothness and rich flavour, matured in old oak casks for an intense finish inspired by spice markets, but still true to the Johnnie Walker signature style.”


  1. Luis Muga | Sunday, February 10, 2013

    Johnnie Walker should be a “member” and patron of The Explorers Club in NYC. Please visit our website and contact us.

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