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New York’s Prohibition Bakery



Prohibition Bakery

Mojito Cupcake

Those of you who read my column Hungry Mutineer know that seeking new combinations of booze and food is one of my life’s pursuits. I’ve always got an eye out for like-minded people and I believe I’ve found two.

In NYC there are two young women with the spectacular idea of opening a boozy cupcakery. Prohibition Bakery opened last week and are serving up inspired flavors such as Scotch & Cigar and Pretzels & Beer. Pretzels & Beer! They also create personalized cupcakes using your favorite libation. I want to go here so badly I can taste it, but sadly I live on the west coast. If you go please be sure to report back to me, I have to know if these are as incredible as they sound.

Visit Prohibition Bakery at 9 Clinton Street, New York, NY

Visit their website for more information http://www.prohibitionbakery.com/ or find them on Facebook.


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