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First Look: 10th Anniversary Samuel Adams Utopias


Samuel Adams 10th Anniversary Utopias

Samuel Adams is known for coining the term extreme beer and they changed our perception of what beer could be with beers like Millenium, Triple Bock and Utopias. Utopias, the beer known by many as being very expensive at a suggested retail price of $160 per bottle, is very unique. At 28-30% alcohol, it is certainly one to sip and should be treated like a cognac or brandy. Served at room temperature, 2 ounces of it is all that’s required and it can be opened and put back on the shelf, without the worry of it going flat as it’s uncarbonated. You also don’t need to worry about oxidation, as it has characteristics much like many liquors.

But Utopias might look a little different this year as Samuel Adams celebrates a milestone with 10th Anniversary Samuel Adams Utopias. The beer is a blend of liquids that spent time in many different barrels, some for as many as 19 years. After this is blended, Samuel Adams Utopias was aged in finishing barrels from Buffalo Trace Distillery, along with Tawny Port casks and Vintage Ruby port casks from Portugal and rum barrels from Nicaragua.

Only 15,000 bottles of the 10th Anniversary batch will be available at select specialty beer and liquor stores starting in November with a suggested retail price of $160 per bottle.


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