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First Impressions of Atsby Vermouth


Atsby Vermouth

Long days call for a stiff drink when I get home – and I’m talking immediately. There’s something about having a chilled cocktail in your hand before your body even adjusts to the temperature of the room. It is for this Mad Men phenomenon that I was introduced to the Atsby Vermouth portfolio. This duo of artisan vermouths hails from upstate New York, which has become the origin of several of my favorite spirits products of late. Dry and flavorful with an apple brandy zip and complex flavors, these are delicious in cocktails or could be enjoyed solo as an apertif.

The Amberthorn variation is made with a drop of honey that sets off a Manhattan in a way you have to taste to really appreciate. Both the blonde Amberthorn and its sweeter companion Armadillo Cake added enough botanicals and flavor that my bourbon didn’t need any bitters, and I love me some bitters. After one, two cocktails, and then finally switching to beer ( I said it was a long day ok? ) I left with a higher appreciation for “the V word” and am now currently seeking recipes for both of my my Atsby New York Vermouths.


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