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Terrapin Beer Co. to Release Samurai Krunkles


Terrapin Samurai Krunkles

Terrapin Beer Co. has announced the release of Samurai Krunkles, a follow-up beer to Capt’n krunkles which took the BeerAdvocate forums by storm. Samurai Krunkles will be released on July 15 available in 22 ounce bottles and on draft in restaurants, bars, and package stores across the Southeast.

According to the press release, “This most recent episode of the Krunkles saga finds our friend traveling around the Pacific Rim. Storms at sea leave Krunkles shipwrecked on the coast of Japan. Taken in by the Samurai, Krunkles develops a love for the diversity of culture, the delicious cuisine, and the skills of the ancient warriors. He decides to extend his stay and eventually becomes known as Samurai Krunkles.

In Side Project 17, Samurai Krunkles takes on the Orient. This Asian-inspired IPA is brewed with fragrant jasmine rice, ginger and jasmine green tea for a bold and unique set of flavors built to balance out the hoppy kick present in all Krunkles brews. Yes, Krunkles is known for his love of hops and the Samurai Krunkles is no exception with five hops in the mix. This beer is our homage to the man and the beers we think he brewed while studying with these ancient masters. We call it his version of the tea ceremony.”

Planned Release: July 15th
ABV: 7.1% IBU’s: 70 O.G.:6.5
Malt: 2-Row, Best Munich, Victory, Pale Crystal
Hops: Columbus, Nugget, Falconers Flight, Zythos, Sorachi Ace
Other: Green Tea, Jasmine Rice, Ginger, Dextrose


  1. Kristyn Lier | Saturday, July 14, 2012

    ISO!!!!! Captain Krunkles was AWESOME!!! :D

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