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Mutineer Magazine Issue 24 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue 24

Welcome to Mutineer #24. I can say with confidence that it is scientifically impossible for us at Mutineer to be any more pumped about this rip roaringly glorious issue of our rebel publication.

In this issue’s feature stories, we are excited and humbled to celebrate the legacy of FRITZ MAYTAG, who may very well be the most influential American craft beer and spirits producer in the last half century, as well as tell the story of KEVIN ZRALY, who’s had an equally profound effect on American wine culture as a writer, educator and wine director at New York’s legendary Windows on the World. Lastly, we explore the story of a legacy still being established as bartender DUGGAN MCDONNELL gives us a glimpse into his inspired Pisco project Campo de Encanto.

The July/August 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Mutineer Interview: Fritz Maytag

We know the story about how he was a major catalyst for the craft brewing revolution when he purchased and revived a failing Anchor Brewing. But what about Anchor Distilling? We sit down with Fritz Maytag for a rare interview about Anchor Distilling, his effects on the U.S. craft distilling scene and his legacy.

Where Your Heart Lives: A Pisco Story

Campo de Enanto Pisco’s Duggan McDonnell delivers the goods on the grand eau-de-vie of the Tropics.

Windows on the World: The Great American Wine (Hi)Story

Through the eyes of America’s most celebrated wine educator, Kevin Zraly, we witness the revolution that helped define our wine culture and landscape.

Hungry Mutineer: St. George Terroir Gin

Cucumber salad with herbal gin dressing, lamb sandwich with fennel salad and blackberry gin sauce, and gin and tonic slushy, all made with St. George Terroir gin. Hungry Mutineer Erin Jimcosky shows you how. Need I say more?

DIY: Blackberry Gin

Like sloe gin but having a hard time finding it? Hungry Mutineer Erin Jimcosky explains how to make your own alternative with St. George Terroir gin.

What People Drink: canon: whiskey and bitters emporium’s Jamie Boudreau
What People Drink: Aviation Gin’s Ryan Magarian
Beer Styles: Oyster Stouts
Classic Cocktails: The Vieux Carré Cocktail
+++ Soda Jerk: Shrub vs Shrub, American Grana cheese, Coffee: Instantly Offensive, Sake Renegade: One Year Later, and much, much, more…


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