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Kahlua Unveils New Iced Coffee Line


Kahlua Iced Coffee

Kahlua has just announced a new line of iced coffee expressions that are aimed at making enjoying Kahlua easier than ever. Kahlua Iced Coffee will be available in three expressions–Iced Espresso, Iced Mocha and Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Spice.

The press release read:
“The portability of Kahlua’s new Iced Coffee makes it the perfect addition to summer parties, afternoon cookouts, or just to sip on the go,” said Michelle Sanders, Brand Director, Kahlua. “The sleek and modern cans offer simple convenience in the form of pre-mixed Kahlua cocktails, which means hosts and party-goers can spend more time mingling and less time mixing drinks.”

Kahlua Iced Coffee delivers the artisanal taste of iced dark coffee using Kahlua’s locally sourced, 100% Arabica coffee beans from Veracruz, Mexico. Canning the coffee keeps the blends genuine, cool and fresh. Bursting with flavor, Kahlua Iced Coffee is available in three sophisticated, java-forward varieties for everyone to enjoy: Iced Espresso, Iced Mocha and Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Spice.

Kahlua Iced Coffee, which is 5% alc./vol. per 200 ml can, is available nationwide, with an MSRP of $2.50 a can, or $9.99 for a four-pack.


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