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Samuel Adams Collaborates with Berkshire Mountain Distillers


Jim Koch and Chris Weld

Samuel Adams and Berkshire Mountain Distillers have recently announced that they are in the midst of a fun and innovative collaboration. Two Samuel Adams beers, Boston Lager and Cinder Bock, will be triple distilled at Berkshire Mountain Distillers in Great Barrington, Mass., before being barrel aged with an anticipated release in 2015. Each beer will be treated differently, with the distilled Samuel Adams Boston Lager being aged for two years in vintage wooden bourbon barrels, while the distilled Samuel Adams Cinder Bock, a rauchbier/bock combination, will age for two years in wooden, oak barrels, some previously used for extreme beer, Samuel Adams Utopias, producing a very rich, bold whiskey.

And those barrels being used to age the whiskey? Once emptied they’ll be sent back to Samuel Adams, of course, where they will be used for a yet-to-be-named barrel-aged beer.

Stay tuned.


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